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To enjoy a race in nature in all weathers, discover all our models of women's trail jackets . Waterproof, breathable and very comfortable, they accompany all your movements to lead you to the finish line. Essential to protect you from the elements, they allow you to run at altitude without worrying about the weather.  Learn more


Whether you're running trail or ultra trail running, suitable equipment is essential for every discipline. Indeed, these races in the wild are demanding and require both a good physical condition but also a specific equipment to overcome all natural obstacles.

Trail jackets are designed to protect you from sudden weather and climate change while ensuring optimal moisture evacuation. With fun and safety, women's trail jackets slip easily into a backpack and ensure that body warmth is maintained in all circumstances.


Thanks to the SALOMON women's trail jacket, no raindrop will stop your race. Very light, it is completely waterproof to allow you to enjoy your favorite sports activity. Breathing, it removes moisture and keeps you dry throughout your effort. The RAIDLIGHT trail jacket has been designed for all winter racing enthusiasts. Equipped with ThermoFleece technology, it allows you to practice trail running even in negative temperatures. Optimizing breathability and promoting heat, it guarantees a high level of comfort all season long. For freedom of movement, opt for the ADIDAS women's trail jacket. Combining ventilation and moisture removal, it will be a real ally on any type of terrain. In addition, it has flat seams that reduce the risk of irritation due to perspiration. Very stretch, nothing can stop you crossing the finish line!