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Backpack or trail belt, you have to make the right choice depending on your race, duration and difficulty. Take the bare minimum and run light while hydrating quickly. Bag or belt, find your next companion during your outdoor activities.  Learn more


Hydration bags allow you to carry all your equipment during your shopping, such as clothes, an emergency kit etc. Lightweight, stable and functional, the trail bag have ergonomic designs to adapt to the morphologies and needs of sportsmen. Adjustable and plated against your back, they are easy to carry away and allow you to slip a water pocket. Whether it's a classic backpack or waistcoat, they're essential for a short or long-term trail. 

The SCOTT trail vest is easy to put on and stays in place to give you a lot of freedom of movement. Well accessorized, it has compartments and multiple pockets and removes moisture for maximum comfort. The SALOMON trail backpack lets you have all your gear at your fingertips. Lightweight and versatile, it ideally distributes weight and reduces the risk of discomfort when you run. Finally, the RAIDLIGHT XP4 trail backpack has been designed to respect your anatomy and optimize comfort. Promoting continuous ventilation, it perfectly removes moisture to keep the body dry and cool.


Running belts, also known as bottle holders, are very practical for having their gear and gourds at their fingertips. Designed to store small equipment and hydration solutions, trail belts are easy to position around the waist and stay in place even when you're on the move. Easy to adjust, they release the back of a load and reduce the risk of perspiration. In addition, they offer greater freedom of movement and lighter carrying.

The ADIDAS run belt adapts to all your outdoor activities. With multiple pockets, it also has loops to hang your energy bars and start again. The ULTIMATE DIRECTION running belt is practical and lightweight. Take only the bare minimum during your races and run light. Finally, the FISCHER bottle holder allows you to carry a 75 cl bottle and hydrate with one hand. So you don't waste time!