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Trails to hit, obstacles to overcome, the trail combines the effort sports to the benefits of the mountain. A running all-terrain requires physical skill and trail equipment resistant to any test. Of the visor at the short trail through the shoes, equip yourself like a pro and conquer the high-altitude hiking trails safely. Learn more


Respect of the nature, concentration, agility, the practice of trail-running and requires many skills. Uneven ground, an altitude to reach, the trail in the mountains requires motivation, endurance, a good physical condition, but above all quality material.

To protect from the sun and keep the head cool, never go in altitude without a cap, a headband or a visor. Essential accessories for the evacuation of moisture and stay focused on the race, the visors and headbands will protect you from the outside elements in all seasons. An integral part of the equipment of the trailer, the running poles accompany the movements, and reduce muscle fatigue. Not only do they distribute the load on the supports, but they also bring a great support in the climb. To maximize the sensations and feel the ground under the feet, it is essential to have good shoes. In order to cushion every stride, through the obstacles and climb the peaks, Precision Ski has selected a range of women's trail shoes and ladies socks to provide comfort and unbeatable for sports demanding.


The clothing of trail woman are equally essential to the discipline, in the same way as the sticks or shoes. Improving performance, optimizing freedom of movement and comfort, the clothing trail women provide safety, comfort and self-confidence.

Relieving the muscle pain, and decreasing the vibrations, the women's trail pant were designed to be true assets in trail running. Wicking moisture, reducing irritation, they embrace the curves of the body to gain in confidence and to tackle any terrain. By strong heat, the women's trail short are recommended to followers of the hikes. Manufactured in stretch fabric, they are lightweight and very comfortable to wear.

Short sleeves or without sleeves, Precision Ski has selected women's trail short and tank-tops, combining design and technical skills. In the effort sports, they will bring you support, breathability and comfort to exceed your limits and fluidity. And because weather conditions change quickly at altitude, never go on trail without a wind-breaker. Lightweight and easy to slip into the backpack, the women's trail jacket protect you from the elements so that nothing slows you down to reach the summits !