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The blades or studs are essential accessories for the practice of ski touring. They have been developed to allow you to do conversions safely, but also to cross terrain riding and enjoy riding. Check out all the knives and spikes available on our website and reach the most beautiful snow-capped peaks.

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Knives Studs


In recent years, the ski touring, also known as the freerando has attracted many skiers. In altitude, surrounded by beautiful snow-covered landscapes, skiing, hiking allows you to reach the most beautiful peaks.

When the snow is very hard or frozen, it is very difficult to evolve in full confidence and security on the ground. In addition, the seal skins are designed to adhere to the snow, but have their limits. And the risk is even greater when it is necessary to perform a conversion. In these cases, it is strongly recommended to use spikes or knives. Ensuring edge grip in hard snow, the spikes reduce the risk of loosening, as well as missing out on conversions.


Ski touring requires a specific equipment and quality. To reach the summits, you will sometimes need to take short steep, icy or uneven terrain. To do this, never forget to carry with you of skins, but also crampons hiking that will make you a good grip.

To grow on the steep slopes, hilly and icy, equip you with the knives DYNAFIT 120MM RED. Anodized aluminum, they are easily at the level of the stop of your fixation. Thanks to their excellent grip, these crampons DYNAFIT will allow you to cross the cant and frozen terrains safely.

As for the knives, MARKER SKI CRAMPONS, they will be true allies for your climbs. Designed to help you overcome all the obstacles, the knives MARKER will be needed to move safely on steep slopes, but also on land riding and enjoy riding.

The spikes hiking DIAMIR TRAXION are real knives to ice. Recommended for the toughest terrains, they are easily adjusted according to your needs and expectations. With spacers mounted, it is impossible to go back !

For your next outings in cross-country skiing, don't forget to bring your accessories for cross-country skiing. You will also find all the bindings of ski touring available on our site !

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