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If originally the first skiers used real skins of animals under their soles, today there are many synthetic skins. Ultra resistant, durable and easy to apply, seal skins allow skiers to reach the summits and enjoy the incredible descents in the powder. Learn more


The alpine touring ski is a widespread practice that has largely democratized in recent years. Requiring a certain physical effort, and above all the endurance, ski-trekking offers magnificent landscapes of altitude but also the opportunity to relax in a natural and wild environment. For the practice of ski touring, it is essential to have a specific equipment to meet the needs of skiers. Seal skins have been designed to adhere to the terrain and to conquer the peaks.

As soon as the first snow falls, get touring skis and skins, to climb the summits and to create your own track in the powder.


To reach the summits independently in the fresh snow, the ski touring is still the most appropriate. And to prevent the decline and adhere to the snow, a specific material is essential, the seal skins. If at the time we dipped our skis in the ice to hang on to the snow, it is nothing today !

The precursor of the skin seal without glue, the trademark GECKO is specialized equipment of freerando. Revolutionizing the practice, it overcomes the problems of peautages and dépeautages through innovative products. The seal skin GECKO's MOHAIR has a hydrophobic treatment to repel moisture and provide a perfect grip on the snow. His system self-adhesive tape provides lightweight, performance and time-saving. Leaving no trace on the soles, they are also environmentally friendly because no chemical additives.

Real reference on the market of freeride skiing, the trademark BLACK CROWS is constantly innovate every season with products combining design and technology. The seal-skin BLACK CROWS PELLIS CORVUS resist effectively to humidity. Compact, they offer a unique experience of freerando. Thanks to their metal hook, place them and remove them in a blink of an eye.

For 70 years, the brand COLLTEX accompanies the lovers of freeride in their quest for ascents and fresh snow. The seal skins COLLTEX BAG COMBIN guarantee you sessions ride unique. Resistant to extreme temperatures, they are a bit bulky and will take you up to the perfect spot.