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Because nothing replaces the pleasure of enjoying a good hot meal in the middle of nature, discover all the kitchen equipment on our site. Stove , hot-water bottle, gas cartridges , all the camping accessories are available for cooking in the wilderness, at the edge of the sea as well as in altitude. Learn more


Cook in the middle of the nature ? It is possible with proper equipment and easy to carry ! For all enthusiasts of outdoor activities who can resist a night under the stars, it is now possible to eat like at home !

To enjoy a good meal in the middle of the forest or wilderness, check out all the utensils practical and compact, which allow you to hike and travel light !

Both cooking and hot water bottle, camping accessories BIOLITE KETTLEPOT will meet the needs of hikers the most demanding. That can be used to pan, removing the lid, the vessel 2 in 1 is very convenient for outdoor dining. Rugged and durable, it allows you to cook pasta but also to enjoy a good coffee in the morning at altitude. Take it everywhere with you !

Easy to carry, transform your camp in time user-friendly thanks to the grid to grill BIOLITE CAMPSTOVE. Is clipping easily on the stove, it allows you to grill your food on a wood fire in a blink of an eye !

As indispensable as a camping tent or a sleeping bag, never go hiking without your kitchen equipment !


After long hours of hiking, trekking or climbing, no matter what the season, every adventurer likes to enjoy a good hot meal. To do this, check out the JETBOIL stove MIGHTYMO. Its role is to control the flame for cooking is precise and quick while stabilizing the pan. Very practical, it has a ignition button piezoelectric and thanks to its feet-collapsible, it takes up no space in the backpack ! Ultra lightweight, the 360 DEGREES stove ULTRA LIGHT will be your best ally in the middle of nature. Providing a good stabilization, it has a valve to easily control the temperature of the water for a cooking point !

Inseparable of the stoves, the gas cartridges JETBOIL resist the cold for trips in any season. Ideal for boiling water, she put easily under a stove valve threaded to a wine tasting, very appreciated after a long effort sports.

To easily transport all of your camping accessories, think of the bag BIOLITE BASECAP CARRY. In order to enjoy a barbecue at 2000 meters of altitude, or a dish of pasta at the campground, go for this bag durable and comfortable to carry thanks to its shoulder strap.

Wherever you are, enjoy good meals hot thanks to the kitchen equipment available on our site !