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Whether you're hiking, bivouacing or traveling, check out all our camping hygiene products . To make your stay enjoyable, these products allow you to cool off, enjoy a good shower or find alternatives to optimize your comfort in nature.  Learn more


To avoid clutter when you travel, check out all our camping hygiene accessories. Easy to carry, they are essential for maintaining good hygiene wherever you are. Their compact, lightweight size is specially designed for adventurers and adventurers who want to lighten up. All our products adapt to any situation, whether you are on the seafront, in the middle of the forest or at altitude. Solar shower, soap, disposable wipes, these products are easily carried away even in the most remote corners of the globe. 


To feel right at home, check out the SEA TO SUMMIT toilet paper unroller. Easy to hang on a branch, it allows you to preserve your paper from the moisture of the forest. Take it with you in all your wilderness getaways! The SEA TO SUMMIT camping towel is very light and easy to take away. Drying quickly, it is very effective for your camping weekends. Offering the same quality as a sponge towel, it is compact and will be a good ally. To shower wherever you are, discover the FERRINO solar shower. Very durable and easy to hang, it has a shower hose and a handle to feel at home! After a few hours of sun exposure, enjoy a good shower in the middle of nature. The STS HANGING TOILETRY toiletry kit is essential for travellers and scoffs. Very convenient, it can hold all your personal belongings thanks to its compartments. Easy to suspend, it resists water and strong lights. To keep your hair clean even in the middle of the forest, discover the STS TREK - TRAVEL travel shampoo. Eco-responsible, this product is aimed at all adventurers who want to reduce their carbon footprint. Easy to transport, it is biodegradable and will leave no trace in nature. Finally, the STS WILDERNESS wipe pack is very handy to cool off in any situation. When travelling, camping or on excursions, they are soft and light and without rinsing. Also check out all our camping accessories as well as our sleeping bags for your next adventure.