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Essential accessory for climbing indoor and outdoor, the chalk bag improves effective and lasting adhesion to the walls. Thanks to the bag magnesia, take it during your climbs vertical and reach the heights with confidence and security. Learn more

If the pioneers of mountaineering and climbing, at the end of the 19th century, is progressing without technical equipment, the climbers of today have everything necessary. The first climbers made it to the tops without strings, while facing the obstacles without any security. Nowadays, the brand specialized in the manufacture of equipment for the climbs offer accessories to reduce the weight and improve the fluidity of the climber.


To reach the heights in any peace of mind, it is important to feel comfortable on the wall to progress safely. On block artificial as in a cliff, it is very difficult to adhere to the modules without slipping due to moisture and sweat.

The use of chalk to overcome this problem there has been that over the past 50 years. The athletes were already using this powder during contest of gymnastics to adhere to the apparatus. The magnesia is now very popular to dry the skin and grasp effectively taken (in the classroom and outdoor). Magnesia, or magnesium carbonate, has the characteristic of attracting water molecules.

The CAMP chalk MINI BALL you will climb regardless of the external conditions. Designed to give you maximum adhesion to the jacks and the walls natural, it fights effectively and permanently against the accumulation of sweat. The magnesia in bulk BLACK DIAMOND is ideal to fill your bag with magnesia. Resistant to high and low temperatures, it will be a real bulwark in the face of the sweating and allow you to progress more confidently.

Today, the cliffs and walls in the natural environment are the victims of an excess of magnesia. The climbers are so careful to use this powder sparingly in order to preserve the nature and leave it to the future generations of climbers to discover the tract without a trace of magnesia. For example, you can use the gel CAMP without magnesia for your next climbs vertical !


An integral part of the equipment of the climber, the bag magnesia is adopted by the greatest number of practitioners for its lightness and practicality. Easy to hang on to his climbing harness, dip your hand for easy access to your chalk, without the bag does not spill out.

The bag magnesia BEAL MAXI COCOON will be appreciated by the climbers for its large volume and its easy access to the chalk. The mark MILLET has combined durability and lightness with the sack for magnesia CHALK BAG. Lined in nylon, it opens and closes very easily and will follow you all the time !

For a better respect of the environment, opt for the bag chalk BLACK DIAMOND. Made from recycled materials, it attaches easily to the harness for access to the chalk in a blink of an eye !

Of accessories climbing , clever, a equipment rigorous, the practice ofclimbing requires a number of tools to enable you to reach the summits safely.