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Founded in 1889, the Italian brand CAMP is specialized in the manufacture of equipment outdoor. Acronym for “Conception of Articles for Mountaineering made in Premana”, CAMP transmits its values through its products. Rock climbing, mountaineering or hiking, the Italian brand equips the adventurers in their expeditions with backpack and accessories of climbing . Learn more


Because the hike is practical in any season, check out the crampons, CAMP XLC 390. Recommended for skiing mountaineering and hiking glaciers, they provide you a grip on all terrains. With 12 points, they are both resistant and highly efficient. Reach the peaks in any season with a good grip !

To cross the snowfields to any security, equip the ice axe CAMP NEVE 73 CM. Its steel tip allows you to climb with ease, penetrating in the snow. Ideal for trimming of the market, it has a down curved which gives it an excellent grip.

In order to carry your touring equipment, discover the backpack CAMP very compact. Designed to offer lightness and breathability, it allows you to efficiently carry walking sticks, water bag, clothes... Easy to fold, avoid the hassle during your next hikes !

To sleep at altitude, for a weekend with friends or for a multi-day adventure, check out the tent CAMP MINIMA. Ideal for trekking, it is compact and lightweight. Providing a thermal insulation and a good ventilation system, it protects you from the outside elements while protecting you extreme weather conditions.


In the dining room, on cliff or on the rocks, the discipline of climbing requires technical equipment and accessories climbing ensuring the safety of the climber. For your next climbs, opt for the harness CAMP ENERGY. Recommended for all levels, it is equipped with reinforcements on the waist and thighs, and will follow each of the movements more fluid.

Because climbing and via ferrata are disciplines that are risky, it is highly recommended to practice with a helmet. The CAMP TITAN will protect you efficiently during your outdoor activities thanks to its ABS shell moulded. Its ventilation side will ensure a good circulation of air and a good breathability in any circumstance.

In order to meet the needs of lovers of nature and especially of the climbers, the brand CAMP has created a range of accessories for climbing to ensure their safety.

The 6 pack carabiners CAMP PHOTON WIRE will appeal to more of a climber. Light and resistant, they can be handled easily to stay focus on the path and grow in confidence. The cams CAMP PRONUTS will be needed on cliffs and routes the rocky mountains. To create anchor points, they are simple to use thanks to their colors and their different sizes.

Mountaineering, climbing or hiking, whatever your discipline favorite, the brand CAMP will accompany you in your outdoor activities !