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Specialized in the manufacture of tires, the brand SCHWALBE team cyclists and drivers around the world. Whether you're an avid reader of mountain BIKING freeride, DH, road cycling or cyclocross, check out all the accessories of the brand in order to increase your performance and win in power with each pedal stroke. Learn more



Specializing in the bicycle tire, the German brand has existed since 1922. Ralf Bohle is interested in its debut at the accessories for the cycling and launches out in the manufacture of the tire only in 1973. Meaning “swallow”, the brand SCHWALBE team today a large number of drivers on road, MTB, cyclocross... Adapted to all terrains, the products SCHWALBE accompany the drivers in their quest for a thrill on land as yet unexplored. Combining performance and durability, the MTB tyres are very resistant and are real concentrates technology. For your next outing freeride or on the road, check out all the accessories mountain BIKE SCHWALBE.


The air chamber SCHWALBE FREERIDE 27.5” is addressed to all the fans of freeride mountain BIKING. With a mission to maintain the tension of the tyre with its elastic membrane is inflatable, it also allows the tire to withstand the weight of the rider. Massively used by drivers, its pressure has consequences on the ease of driving but also on the comfort and grip. The advantage of an air chamber lies in its ease of installation, its versatility and its resistance to ground.

The air chamber mountain BIKE SCHWALBEDOWNHILL has been designed for the practice of downhill mountain BIKING. Very robust, it is designed for thrill seekers and downhill frenetic. Significantly reducing the risk of tearing, it is reinforced and will not let you down.