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In everyday life or during sports activities, it is essential to take care of our feet. Areas of friction, irritation, trauma, many pains can occur. Absorbing shocks and promoting comfort, discover our insoles, creams and protections for the care of your feet.  Learn more

Foot Care

For the comfort of the feet in everyday life as well as for sports activities, shoe insoles are very popular. Valuable allies during a walk or a run, they limit muscular fatigue while targeting areas of discomfort to optimize performance. For athletes as well as for the general public, each sole meets the needs and expectations of customers. Recommended for the practice of sports, the insoles reduce the risk of foot arch pain, cramping or heel pain. 


CUSHIONING GEL SIDAS insoles offer incredible cushioning with every step. Designed and developed for sports activities, they offer a natural rolling of the foot while optimizing comfort. Thanks to their innovative dynamic gel construction, they absorb vibrations and shocks. In addition, the heel is equipped with a micro-bubble network to maximize the feeling of comfort. As for the OUTDOOR MEMORY shoe soles, they have been specially designed for your hiking or trail shoes. Thanks to their cushioning, they allow you to tackle the steepest and most unstable terrain. With pressure point distribution and perforation, they are highly breathable to continuously wick away moisture. 

Creams and protections

SIDAS RECOVERY GEL foot cream allows you to benefit from the advantages of cryotherapy. Indeed, this relaxing gel is ideal to relieve the traumas which can occur following a sporting effort. Made from ingredients of natural origin, this recovery gel will be appreciated by athletes to recover easily and quickly after an effort. 

GEL TOE WRAP toe pads are easy to put on tubes to protect your toes from possible friction. Because in everyday shoes, sensations of discomfort can be frequent, these tubes quickly relieve pain and allow you to fully enjoy your favourite activities.