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Essential accessory for the life of the school, the school kit is now the best companion on the benches of the school. To easily transport its supplies to or to hide in small words, the kit easily fits in the  school bag to have everything you need for a good school year. Has your pens ! Learn more

School kit : the must-have accessory of the schoolboy

The holidays are over, we will pack up the swimsuits, the towels full of sand and gets out his list of school supplies ! Like every year in September, parents must engage in the daunting task to buy a school kit for their children. But how to respond to their requirements ?

You write with a fountain pen or a ballpoint pen, while you hide small soft words or highlighters, all brand new, a school kit is your best companion on the benches of the school. You use it as a catch-all door-supply or as a case in secret, the school kit follows you throughout your education into your professional life.

Accessory headlight re-entry, and indispensable in the binder of the pupils, the kit for the school allows them to carry all their supplies of office needed to pass a school well organized. It can also display his personality through an original design or bright colors.


Kit for the school : to each his style

Called plumier in the last century, the pencil case is a sign of modernity as early as 1935. They are leather and allow the teacher to see at a glance if the student has all his equipment. Today, the kits turned into real accessories, both practical and aesthetic that is posed proudly on her desk at school.

Back to school season, the brand surfstyle O'NEILL has created the kits, the grounds pop, and originals. Kit O'NEILL WHITE and printed "sweets" will slip easily into the binder and will hold all the pens and pencils without a problem. Rectangular in shape and has an internal zipped pocket, it is ideal to efficiently organize your business.

SUPERDRY has played on the forms of school kits for the fall season. The kit SUPERDRY LINEMAN triangular is spacious and allows you to find a in the blink of an eye your pen. The kit flowered PRINT EDITION pair to your day and fits easily in your bag.

Specializing in luggage, DAKINE has created a collection of kits for both practical and design. Ideal for your school supplies (pens, erasers, gum, glue...), the kit DAKINE SCHOOL CASE features an organizer for pens and one inner zipped pocket. Rugged and durable, it will have proudly on the table and tram will be very easily from the home to the school. And take a look to the EASTPAK pencil case too!

For the back-to-school, don't forget the essentials for your child : a kit for storing effective all her school supplies and help her spend a year full of success and good grades !