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Founded more than 130 years, the French brand ZEFAL has deeply marked the history of cycling. Strong of its know-how and its innovations, ZEFAL has participated in the evolution of the discipline by equipping the top-level athletes. Pump, repair kit, find all the mountain bike accessories essential for your next outing. Learn more



Since 1880, the French brand ZEFAL team amateur and professional cyclists. Created by professionals and enthusiasts of cycling, the brand ZEFAL offers for more than 130 years of accessories and equipment at the service of cyclists. Become an iconic brand, ZEFAL has been the pioneer in the manufacture of accessories for the cycling, thanks in particular to the invention of the Presta valve. Today, the brand is proud of its know-how and expertise. Thanks to its constant search for innovation, ZEFAL constantly improve the experience of practitioners and has marked the history of cycling over the last century. Its accessories, bike are efficient, sustainable and functional and cater to the fans as the top-level athletes. Since 1880, ZEFAL has continued its philosophy of excellence and is an integral part today of the industrial heritage of the French.


The repair kit bicycle ZEFAL UNIVERSAL is very convenient to slip into your saddle bag. This accessory bicycle you can repair your bedroom easily and quickly. Thanks to its repair parts and the tube of the dissolution, this kit is a must on your riding. In case of a puncture, you can just use the patch for filling cracks and holes. Thus, in a blink of an eye, your tire is repaired and you can be back on the road ! For a mountain bike equipment complete, take a look at our BIKING gloves, MTB helmets and other accessories adapted to each discipline. The mini pump ZEFAL Z-CROSS is designed for the mountain bike. Lightweight, durable and very resistant, it is compatible with most valves and is an easy to use. Thanks to its anti-mud, it allows you to re-inflate your tire quickly and move on to a descent unrestrained !