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Enduro, downhill, cross-country or road bike, whatever your discipline, every practice requires the tires are well suited for the search for comfort and performance. To feel the most of the land and adhere perfectly to the track, check out all our MTB tyres depending on your discipline. Learn more

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Because each discipline of mountain BIKING is different, each requires equipment specific to the requirements of practice. In the same way that a MTB helmets or MTB protections, the tire has to choose carefully. Essential element for the driver, the tire connects directly to the ground. It dampens vibration, provides unique sensations, and affects the speed.


To properly select a tire mountain BIKE, it: has different criteria to be taken into account. First of all, the size of the wheel affects acceleration, weight, speed and grip. Then, it is essential to get information about the type of mountain. Tubetype is a standard mounting, which consists in mounting the tire on an air chamber. Mounting Tubeless Ready for a tire can be mounted tubeless, but with a preventive anti-puncture. Finally, the mounting Tubeless is distinguished by the mounting of the tubeless tire or liquid preventive.

To define the type of tire that suits your practice, it is also important to learn about the width that can accommodate your mountain BIKE. Finally, the tire rods are defined as the hoops present in the bead of the tire holding on the rim. The more these hoops are flexible, the driver can put his mountain BIKE to the test on rough terrain.

For the mountain bike, there are so many tires and studs that there is discipline. For practitioners of the enduro, we must turn to studs in round profile for best performance. The lovers of the downhill will opt for studs with pavers central to accede to up and withstand the braking violent. The cross-country requires tires to studded thin and lightweight.


For the users of transport “green”, go for the bike tire MICHELIN ENERGY. Designed exclusively for the VAE (electric assist bikes), it consumes little energy and is equipped with a reinforced anti-puncture to increase its durability. On field wet and greasy, the MTB MICHELIN tyre PROTEK will offer a great resistance. Designed for the city, browse through the urban streets with ease !

For practitioners enduro looking for a good raise, and a grip on any type of terrain, check out the tire BIKE MICHELIN COUNTRY GRIP'R. Very sturdy, it will give you a great feeling of control to engage you on the track and beat the lap times. As for the lovers of the downhill, they will be seduced by the tire BIKE MICHELIN WILD ROCK R. Designed to withstand the most rugged, face every obstacle with confidence and enjoy a good return for your next outing.

Ideal and indispensable in order to continue to enjoy a day on your two wheels, remember to slip a tube in your back pack or your saddle bag !