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Specialist tyre and travel-related services, the French company MICHELIN and his fellow MAN you help the mobility of motorists for more than 120 years. Strong of its expertise and its know-how in different areas, MICHELIN will accompany you on the roads of the world, by bike or by car. Learn more


It all began in 1889 in Clermont-Ferrand, in the height of the industrial revolution. André and Edouard Michelin, two brothers, decided to take advantage of this new era, this wind of freedom and economic boom by disrupting the means of transport. They then retook the company's articles of rubber, which was founded by their ancestors. As early as 1891, the company Michelin & Cie creates a tire is removable for cycling, a few years after the onset of the automobile, and the first gas engine was invented by Gottlieb Daimler. The automobile and the bicycle markets are very promising, and the MICHELIN brothers patent their invention. In 1895, MICHELIN was the first company to integrate of the tires of a car during the race Paris-Bordeaux. The First World War will mark a turning point in the history of the company. MICHELIN will participate in the construction of aircraft and runways. In 1926, the two brothers create the Micheline, the first transport on wheels and rails. The 20th century is marked by the innovations of the company in all possible areas : tire to exceed 100 km/h, tire for truck, tires, motorcycle, train, metro, farm equipment, aircraft ...

The MICHELIN man, the famous BIBENDUM was created in 1898, when its creators were in front of a stack of tires and have then imagined their mascot, the spokesperson of their brand.

But what has made the success of the company MICHELIN, it is the willingness of its creators to anticipate the needs of customers by engaging in the guides, road and travel assistance. Wanting to boost the tyre market and to inspire people to travel, MICHELIN will become a mobility aid. The first road map was published in 1910 and the first tourist guide in 1926.

Today, providing both products and services, the French company MICHELIN is present in more than 170 countries and continues to improve the mobility of travelers.



Whether you're addicted to bike around town, to the bike road, racing or mountain bike, MICHELIN is at the service of the practitioners of each discipline's expertise for over 120 years.

The tire road bike LITHION 3 has been designed to adhere on dry roads as wet. Resistant to punctures, it is ideal for the outputs, cyclosportives and for you to gain in confidence and in performance.

The MICHELIN bike tire WILD has been designed to meet the requirements of all fans of all-mountain. For the passionate of enduro, check out a tire with an optimal grip to attack each turn and hit the trails with confidence.

The pneu VTT MICHELIN COUNTRY is maneuverable on terrain more rugged, and more extreme. Its excellent in curves and superelevation guarantees robustness and a sense of control to gain in performance.

Also check out the rooms air MICHELIN for better security, anti-puncture and excellent pressure maintenance.