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With the sport watches POLAR you will be listening to your body and you will have a real-time monitoring of your evolution, your itinerary and your performance in sports. These sports accessories are specially designed for the practice of sport, and allow you to exceed your limits as well in running than in swimming, triathlon, and cycling. Learn more



For POLAR all started in 1975 when the first heart rate monitor has seen the light of day on the ski slopes and the brand in Finland has seen the light of day in 1976. It will file its first patent for an apparatus for measurement of heart rate wireless in 1982, the first model of this type in the world. This will revolutionize the air of the sports training and facilitate the training of thousands of athletes. At the present time, 30 years after the debut of the POLAR brand, the product range is the most comprehensive on the market.


In 30 years of creation of cardio fréquencemètres POLAR continues to innovate and develop technologies always more rewarding to track your activity and understand your body during and after exercise. The range POLAR is a full range, innovative and effective that will allow you to overcome during the effort. The bike computers POLAR are equipped with a new navigation system Rocker Switch, which enhances the follow-up activity. POLAR has also developed a schedule load of training for athletes, available online, which allows having a follow-up post-exit, and you will adapt your recovery time. The cardio watches are becoming more multi-sport, allowing you to benefit from the advantages of monitoring your heart rate regardless of your sporting activity.


Follow his or her heart rate during exercise is good, understanding is better. Rediscover the pleasures of running, swimming and biking to stay motivated. The trail watches are equipped with a system of measures of the heart rate at the wrist to have finished with the belts cardio that can be a source of friction and irritation during an intensive effort, and repeated. The watches, GPS and sensors, you will locate you on a map and have a real-time tracking of your route. So you can analyze your speed, your distance, but also calories burned. This monitoring activity is done 24h/24h and 7j/7, which will allow you to have a real analysis of all of your activity whether it be sporting or active. Large numbers of devices connected to POLAR are equipped with a free program of training for the race walk and according to your needs. What to increase your motivation !

We let you discover our range of sports accessories that are connected on our site Precision Ski and find the watch, the meter or the sensor adapted to your need and your expectations sports.