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Become a leader in the field of bike computers electronic, the German brand SIGMA SPORT continues to innovate to offer the best accessories ATV. Robust, reliable and durable, the bike computers adapt to the needs of cyclists and become true companions. Learn more


In 1981, the brand SIGMA SPORT launches out in the manufacture of counters of bikes electronic. Allowing cyclists to have all the necessary data of their journey in a blink of an eye, the brand quickly became the leader on its market. Never ceasing to innovate by following the technological evolutions, the counters SIGMA SPORT have become essential to monitor its performance on a bike.


The bike speedometer SIGMA BC 16.16 will be as much appreciated by the athletes, that by the adventurers. True companion, it has multiple functions essential to boost your motivation and your performance. Robust and durable, it displays the fuel economy as well as the speed, the temperature or the distance of travel. As for the bike lighting SIGMA MICRO MONEY, it will allow you to see and be seen from far away and thus maximizing your security. Improving the visibility side, you can anticipate the relief of the ground and enjoy a walk at night. Resistant to the rain, it has different lighting modes and can cling as well to the handlebar as a backpack.