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Designed for sports activities, women's jogging pants  has now become a real pair of pants that are worn on a daily basis. Thanks to its elastic waist, it stays in place while allowing you to move freely. For a hike, a gym session or a cocooning day, this is the perfect piece! Learn more


Created for a workout or for a cocooning day at home, the women's jog is worn throughout the year. An essential part of your wardrobe, women's jogging pants are versatile and can be used for everyday life as well as for your sports activities. Beyond the sportswear look, women's jogging is appreciated for its comfort and soft appearance. In onepiece or women's pants, it stays in place while leaving you a great freedom of movement.


Discover a neat design and optimized comfort with the onepiece PICTURE ORGANIC ILY SUIT. This women's onepiece is super trendy to spend a Sunday cocooning or after a good day of skiing. Very feminine, the woman's jogger HURLEY ONE AND ONLY will be a cozy little nest. As pleasant to wear for your sports activities as for chilling days, it is fully lined with fleece for maximum warmth. Plus, its slim fit showcase your athletic figure! For your morning run, your gym session or to stay on your couch, opt for the SUPERDRY women's jogger. Very comfortable, it has a waist and elastic ankles to stay in place even when you move. Thanks to its slim fit, it is functional and will allow you to sweat while in style! Finally, the PICTURE ORGANIC women's jogging pants offer a neat and casual look. Made of organic cotton, it respects your skin but also the environment. Highlighting your figure, you won't want to leave it!