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Whatever your next expedition, so stay vigilant and never leave home without functional tools to survive in the wilderness and deal with any unforeseen situations. Discover all the products SURVIVE OUTDOORS LONGER and come closer a little more of the nature ! Learn more


For all lovers of wilderness and nature lovers, to each adventurer who slumbers in you, it is important to well equip themselves and to have a ready supply of objects essential for unexpected situations. As Bear Grylls in " MAN VS WILD ", you're not afraid of you face to face with the nature or you face up to the harsh rules of the wild world !

The brand SURVIVE OUTDOORS LONGER has created for you of innovative solutions to help you survive and accompany you in every adventure. Sharing his passion of the outdoor, the brand wants you closer to nature and improve your adaptation to the wild.

Creating solutions to the high homelessness, to trekking and long expeditions, the accessories of the survival of the brand Survive Outdoors Longer, are at once technical and essential to survive in nature. To continue your adventure in situation of an emergency or to face the small incidents, slip in your backpack products Survive Outdoors Longer without the clutter.



Because you're one with nature, it soothes and pushes you to exceed your limits, you never miss an opportunity to go on an expedition and to face extreme conditions. But it is important to go with a survival kit that includes essential tools that can help you in sticky situations.

The survival kit SURVIVE OUTDOORS LONGER ORGIN SURVIVAL only weighs 173 g but contains more than 15 tools convenient and functional : a compass, a fire starter, fish hooks, a sillfet ... To warm you up, make your presence, eat or refer you, these tools have been designed to allow you to continue your adventure and tackle the climatic conditions without hinder you.

The kit lighter fire FIRE LITE is composed of a lighter and pieces of tinder to start a fire easily, wherever you are. Producing more than 5000 sparks, this kit will allow you to light a fire as well at altitude and in wet conditions.

The survival blanket ESCAPE LITE BIVVY reflects 70% body heat to regulate the temperature of your body. Functional in hot weather as in cold weather, it is the essential accessory and lightweight to carry in your outings outdoor. Anti-moisture and waterproof, it will also serve as a shelter or as a sleeping system.

Not a lot of clutter, choose the survival knife PHOENIX. Multifunctional, this knife will not only let you light a fire, but also to send a distress signal and light your path. Its notched side will cut everything on its way !