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The brand KARI TRAA is founded in 2002 by olympic champion mogul, norway's Kari Traa. Specialist in equipment for outdoor, and ready-to-wear technique it offers you a set of colourful products and quality, that more is not shoed that enhance the feminine side of your sportswear. Learn more


The year 2002 is a pivotal year and full of novelty for the freestyle skier Norwegian KARI TRAA native of Voss. Since, in addition to receive the greatest reward of the fulfillment of her professional career, she launched her own brand of ready-to-wear technique. The brand KARI TRAA born at the same time as his coronation olympic moguls to the Olympic Games in Salt Lake City after not far from eight years of research to bring to fruition his project. Strong of its experience and its three olympic medals, KARI TRAA will put an end to his career following the 2006 Torino Games, where she won a silver medal. But this is only to focus on its brand of ready-to-wear technique and fully take on his hat of creative and business leader of the european market. His desire to create a company that has always been in his dna and she still thanks her parents for having instilled the passion and taste for design and creativity. KARI TRAA offers clothing and accessories in colorful, ultra-feminine, never to suffer the dictât of the mode in the middle of the ski and the sport in general, which requires dark clothing, and basic. You can explore their entire range of sub-technical garment to the accessory trail.


By stopping his career as a skier, professional, KARI TRAA wanted to show that the sport can succeed in their career transition through their creativity and entrepreneurship while using their status as olympic champion. With KARI TRAA, the founder has succeeded in its goal, and to bring the Norwegian federation of skiing in its meteoric rise. Using racers of alpine and freestyle as models to promote the brand and to accompany them on the path of glory. One of them has managed to take the third place of the freestyle world cup in Moscow in 2016. There is nothing better for a brand of underwear women's technique of using sporting role models to promote the technical properties of the products.

For your outdoor activities in winter, protect yourself elegantly from the cold with the round neck KARI TRAA but also with a bonnet KARI TRAA. Very comfortable to wear, they are both comfortable and very feminine.


Open to the international market since 2006, the brand KARI TRAA Norwegian is now installed in twelve countries in Europe. KARI TRAA will arrive on the U.s. market in 2015. The founder wishes to convey a brand image in sport, created by women for women. And encourage them in all the adventures they wish to undertake.

For more details come and discover on our site our range of products KARI TRAA, never forgetting the party bags are colourful and resistant with a collection of travel bags ultra colorful and very practical.