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COMPRESSPORT is the world leader in the compression sport and the only brand that will guarantee you a compression for 2 years. Designed by professionals for professionals, the products ultra-technical and high-performance will meet the expectations of the most demanding sportsmen and high level athletes. The compression shorts , sleeves and other accessories trail COMPRESSPORT will support you in your goals. Learn more


The brand COMPRESSPORT was founded in 2008 on the French origin and the release of its now flagship, the R2 (Race & Recovery). The compression products that it offers are products ultra-technical, performing and innovative. A year after the creation of three countries distributed the mark, and becomes for the first time world champion IronMan with the athlete Craig Alexander. COMPRESSPORT became very quickly the reference brand on the major sporting events like the Hawaii IronMan was the brand most this. It very quickly becomes the favorite brand of triathletes as the athlete's Frederick Van Lierde.


The brand COMPRESSPORT has released two scientific studies showing the benefits of the clothing trail and of running of the brand. In addition the intake and the return proceeds of the athlèteFrederick Van Lierde is a real plus for the image of the brand. In 2012, COMPRESSPORT has put the emphasis on innovation by leaving a held of triathlon and compression socks the Pro Racing Socks which many athletes use today. COMPRESSPORT background of strong partnerships such as with the rider, the motorbike rider Cyril Despres won the Dakar in 2013, or even Joaquim Rodriguez 3th the tour de France in 2013. It now comprises a pretty panel of ambassadors and sponsors several athletes such famous that the cyclist Alberto Contador, the triathlete Emma Pallant, the traileuse Teresa Nimes.



Strong of its experience and its willingness to drill in the middle, COMPRESSPORT launches in the area of the trail. By providing you with many accessories trail techniques that use the technology compressive. She secured a partnership with the UTMB to become the official supplier to this event and the IronMan. Theequipment of trail COMPRESSPORT will allow you to optimize your performance in sports so that you can increase your condition in sports.


Accessories trail COMPRESSPORT : the benefits of compression

Gone are the heavy legs, the recoveries too long after your physical efforts with the accessories of compression. The Trail is a sport all in vibration, don't skimp on protecting your knees against shock and vibration by reducing them by 8%, thanks to the technology Shock Absorbing. With compression sleeves will help protect properly, your tendons patellar throughout your races. The compression allows to improve the recovery of the trailers, and delays the onset of muscle fatigue. The accessories of compression are to be worn during exercise or after for faster recovery and delay muscle fatigue. What to improve your sporting performance over the long-haul, and push slowly within your limits. It is necessary to choose the right equipment trail COMPRESSPORT or running to avoid injury, this is why you can trust the products COMPRESSPORT as did many athletes.