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Since 2001, the brand JETBOIL revolutionized the getaways in the midst of nature with innovative products to facilitate all your travels. Of the stove to the gas canister , JETBOIL created light and compact to slip into your backpack and lighten your outdoor activities. Learn more

JETBOIL : the revolution of cuisine in the wilderness

It was in 2001 that the story begins, when the two creators of the brand JETBOIL Dwight Aspinwall and Perry Dowst decide to make the kitchen more easy in nature. Until now, the stoves are heavy and noisy. Passionate of mountain, they are exploring the daunting task of improving the lives of practitioners of outdoor activities. They discover then that the secret to the lightness of the stoves is based on the increase of the heat transfer. Several experiments have been done on the ground to test their idea and it was a real success.

For over 15 years, JETBOIL continues to innovate, offering products lightweight and indispensable for any output by mountain : stoves, accessories camping JETBOIL... the brand has revolutionized our report to the kitchen in the middle of nature. Simple to use and accessible to all, all products JETBOIL will withstand the most extreme conditions to accompany you in all your adventures.


JETBOIL : the essential accessories of the outdoor

When we share in the adventure, it is essential to take all the camping equipment necessary in case of unforeseen situations or camping under the stars. JETBOIL offers effective solutions to lighten your backpack and accompany you in your natural getaway.

The JETBOIL stove COOKING SYSTEM ZIP has been designed to slip easily into your bag and be used anywhere. With a tripod, and a windscreen, place it where you see fit and enjoy a nice hot meal. Compact, it is easy to install and store so you don't miss any of the beautiful landscapes available to you. For the weekend, or the major getaways, its home insulation keeps warm your food and can boil up to one litre of water. 2-in-1, it is composed of a burner and a kitchen to take only the necessary with you.

For your stove, opt for a gas canister JETPOWER. 100, 230, or 450 g, it is the essential accessory to boil water in your stove. Light, these cartridges are for use both in winter and in summer, resistant to all temperatures and extreme conditions (can go up to -42°). Its stainless steel is sturdy and will face all the obstacles that you will encounter without staining. 10 to 43 litres of water, your meals in the wilderness will never be appreciated as well !

And to eat well, do not forget to take his cutlery. The cutlery folding JETSET UTENSILS will not make you lose a crumb of your meal. Designed to scrape the containers, they are both lightweight and resistant and will not leave your bag.

When we share in nature alone or with others, we must not neglect the importance of all of these essential accessories to face the obstacles that one might encounter. Whether you go hiking, fishing, camping, or bivouac, opt for the technology JETBOIL and its innovative solutions to facilitate your situations. Discover now all the products of the trademark JETBOIL on our site to discover all new experiences in wilderness.