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Bet on over 100 years of experience in the footwear NEW BALANCE , with shoes lifestyle and running techniques and trends. Everything is thought out for people who aspire to the movement who have a thirst for new adventures. In pass through mode and the innovation of technology in the running shoes . You will always find shoe to your foot with NEW BALANCE ! Learn more


All the work of the brand is based on the contribution that brings a brand of this size to its community of athletes. The idea is to pursue excellence by helping them to surpass themselves, to go to the end of themselves. To get them to win medals, break records and sports personal. All athletes are accompanied with NEW BALANCE, whether you are novices or professionals you want to live a healthier life and more active or that you have a professional career. The footwear NEW BALANCE is a perfect blend between functionality and fashion but along with the technology that is the most efficient as possible to ensure you have a basket of running technique and trend. Numerous associates of the brand are there to carry out the objectives in providing the creativity and skills necessary for the implementation of projects. The image wants to convey, NEW BALANCE, is an image of sharing, exchange and values. You can share your success with others who will be able to have the same success in sports as you are. NEW BALANCE has also launched in the trail, and offers men trail shoes as for women performing, and techniques to make you happy on all terrains.


The spearhead of the brand lies in its ancestral know-how and creativity outside the norm. The brand has seen its sales start thanks to the recovery of its flagship model of shoes lifestyle with different models such as the WL373 who had made the fame of the mark there are already a few years. This was a real hit and the models of sneakers lifestyle, NEW BALANCE, proliferate in all major cities, at the foot of all those who are looking for comfort and style ! The brand plays with colours and materials while keeping the shape and design of that time. The fashion men shoes NEW BALANCE will delight fans of style not to go unnoticed this summer.


The brand has at heart the environmental impact and aims to reduce the use of limited resources in order to arrive at the issue of zero waste. For this reason, she has chosen to assess its impacts of life cycles of its products and its activities. It enables people to be where its factories are located, an environment that brings together its values and this throughout the period of operation. Everything is thought out to improve product quality, production efficiency, reduction of costs, but under the tutelage of the environmental impact of NEW BALANCE. True responsible leader NEW BALANCE even joined in 2013 the group of ZERO Discharge Of Chemicals Hazardous. It has even redesigned its packaging to these shoes to provide you with a box made of a single piece by integrating the cover to the base. This is why we offer you to discover our selection of women shoes NEW BALANCE.