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360 DEGREES is an australian brand created by passionate outdoor and nature lovers. For you not to clutter up during your escapades, 360 DEGREES offers you innovative solutions to lighten up your bag and accompany you in your adventures in nature. Check out the gourds 360 DEGREES and go for new trips ! Learn more


Fond of wilderness camping, hiking, adventure outdoor, you are looking for the right equipment before heading into the mountains. The bottle gourd to the cooker, you never go without the necessary to deal with the unexpected. The trademark 360 DEGREES will accompany you in all your escapades with solutions that are lightweight and ideal for all your outdoor activities.

For camping, trekking or hiking, 360 DEGREES created innovative and functional products that are indispensable to adventurers. Much more than a mark, 360 DEGREES, is born from the collaboration of passionate outdoor and all that nature can offer us. Whether you're a real chamois, a mountain veteran or a hiker casual, the australian brand 360 DEGREES has the products you need, a range ofaccessories hiking functional, easy to use and lightweight for you not to cram in your backpack.


Every adventurer needs to know that mountain activities are both a source of wonder but also of physical exercise. To reach the summit, the altitude requires energy to our body, it is essential to nourish, hydrate when we hike as well as manage its water. When an activity is outdoor, the water of our body is evacuated by perspiration. If you aren't hydrated, you run the risk of muscle contractures, decreased performance, risk exposure ... To avoid the risk of dehydration, it is important to plan well for its water supply with a water bottle and anticipating their needs for the unexpected. Stay hydrated before, during and after the physical effort to fill the loss of water.

The water bottle thermos 360 DEGREES VACUUM INSULATED 750 ML is ideal for all your weekend getaways. Practical and functional, it keeps warm all of your favorite drinks. With a wooden stopper, it is a nod to the nature and is guaranteed BPA-free. Lightweight and recyclable, choose a gourd that is more respectful of nature.

The stove 360 DEGREES ULTRALIGHT has been designed to enable you to enjoy a delicious meal in the middle of the forest. Lightweight and compact, it features arm stabilization to heat your water safely. Convenient to slip into your backpack, tasty, a good warm meal in the wild.

No matter what your goal or your physical condition, browse through awe-inspiring landscapes that offer you the mountain and reach the peaks, thinking of you, feed you and hydrate you for not losing performance and avoid any risk of dehydration, fatigue, and body aches. 360 DEGREES will accompany you in your adventures in the mountains, offering you innovative solutions with accessories outdoor accessories camping designed for nature lovers. Lightweight, compact and functional, the products 360 DEGREES have been created with healthy materials and sustainable for every mountain you closer to the nature. For a complete set of equipment, you can also discover our hiking shoes or even hiking poles.