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The products LIFESTRAW was originally created to help the developing countries having no access to safe drinking water after natural disasters. Today, the innovative solutions of brand enable millions of people to hydrate at the source thanks to the hydration solutions . Wherever you are, never be running out of water. Learn more


Access to safe drinking water remains highly problematic in many countries, even today.

The adventure of the trademark LIFESTRAW began in 1994 when the Carter Foundation, created by Jimmy Carter, then President of the United States, appealed to the company Vestergaard. The Carter Foundation, who's mission is to aid development in poor countries s, wants to improve the living conditions of the Guinea in the struggle against contaminated water. The company Vestergaard then puts a filter fabric that can filter the bacteria present in the water. LIFESTRAW is born from this innovation, and in 1999, the filter becomes a straw filter to make drinking water. Today, more than 37 million filters have favoured the eradication of diseases from the contaminated water.

LIFESTRAW (" straw of life ") continues to work and innovate to make sustainable access to safe drinking water in countries in difficulty. Their mission is based on their willingness to make governments aware of the importance of access to water and stimulate initiatives to improve the conditions of life. This straw has been a huge success with these developing countries, particularly after the natural disasters that have occurred in recent decades.

The company has focused its technology to meet different needs, and now accompanied the people in their daily lives, in their hiking ... Used in more than 64 countries, the products LIFESTRAW has revolutionized the daily life of the countries in difficulty, and are in a perpetual innovation to integrate new projects and meet a variety of needs.



In a natural environment, there are all sorts of bacteria present in water because these microorganisms are there naturally. But in the case of natural disasters, unforeseen situations, shipments in the mountains, it was important to be able to always have access to clean drinking water.

LIFESTRAW is a marked born out of the desire to provide a sustainable access to water, whether for our daily life or in emergency situations. The water bottle LIFESTRAW GO FILTER has been designed to allow you to hydrate even in the middle of the forest. For nature lovers and adventurers who are afraid of running out of water, use this water bottle with a straw, filtering the water and bacteria to 99.99%. Very light weight, this bottle purifies water and allows you to keep you hydrated wherever you are.

The straw filter LIFESTRAW is very convenient for those who do not want to carry around a water bottle. BPA-free, it eliminates 99.99% of bacteria naturally present in the water and allows you to drink at the source without risk of infection.

The water filter LIFESTRAW STEEL has been created to assist you in all your adventures in the wilderness. Simple to use, it is equipped with a capsule of activated charcoal and filter up to 1,000 liters of water.

No matter what your activity outdoor, never go without water. Choose products LIFESTRAW that will help you keep hydrated wherever you are and drink at the source thanks to their system of water filtration.