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Of brazilian origin, and more particularly the city of Sao Polo, the brand HAVAIANAS draws his early influences from the four corners of the world. The name "Havaianas" means hawaiian in Portuguese. Inspired by the "zoris" sandals, the traditional japanese straw of rice, Havaianas flip-flops are going to very quickly become a "must have" of the world. Learn more


Created in 1962 and inspired by the japanese sandals, we can still today find these influences on the inner sole of the flip flops HAVAIANAS. Indeed, each of them are decorated with grains of rice, real borrows from the manufacturer. The first distribution of these shoes was on an ambulatory basis, to board a van vintage. Inexpensive and robust, they have very soon met their first success with workers in brazil. Four years after their creation, the flip-flops HAVAIANAS are patented. Produced only in blue and white, it was in 1969 that the first colors are coming on the market due to a design error. A mistake that will only inflame the reputation of the trademark. Strong of its success in the years 80, the flip flops HAVAIANAS are part of the list of essential products to have in order to control the inflation of the country in the same way as the rice for example. HAVAIANAS has in a few years conquered all of Brazil.


The brand has developed its reputation thanks to many of the marketing operations that have never been seen before. At the beginning of the years 70, it is a tong HAVAIANAS of 42m of length and a weight of 4T, which takes place in the middle of the city. Detail known and recognized still today as a result of a marketing operation : the brazilian flag on the thong of the flip-flops. He appeared in 98 for the world cup of football. Even if Brazil lost, these models limited are torn off in the world thus marking the beginning of sales to the four corners of the globe. The brazilian flag has, therefore, taken up its quarters in the long term on the strap. The mens flip flops HAVAIANAS did not stop in so good way in their marketing buzz, in 2006 a more fine and more women arrived on the market. In 2007, they meet a real success that leads right on to the red carpet of the Oscars. The brand has offered this year a pair to each of the nominees, something to be powered as a true must-have in the world.


Since their creation, the flip-flops, HAVAIANAS are well advanced but without taking a single ride. Today you can find your favorite color, the most suitable shape, it will, perforce, in HAVAIANAS shoe to your foot ! They are in your beach bag or constantly on your feet, flip flops or flip flops HAVAIANAS will be your best allies in the summer.

Find here a selection of powerful models on and opt for a casual look, and unique for the beautiful days.