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Specialist hydration, the american brand Hydrapak created gourds and pockets of water that fully meet the requirements of each discipline and the expectations of the practitioners. Tested and approved by athletes, the products of the brand Hydrapak are both functional and efficient. Learn more

HYDRAPAK : the revolution in hydration

For more than 20 years, the american brand HYDRAPAK created in 1996 in Oakland disrupts our daily lives and our sporting activities by reinventing every day the future of hydration. Specialist outdoor accessories, Hydrapak created products dedicated to the small-and large-roaming and adventure in the middle of nature with gourds, of pockets to water Hydrapak without cluttering the least of our movements. In pushing the limits and constraints of the hydration in the midst of nature, Hydrapak is committed to facilitate all of your travel without compromising with the quality.

Wherever you are, whatever you're doing, hydration is paramount to our well-being. HYDRAPAK has never ceased to innovate and offer solutions to allow you to hydrate in any situation. The products of the american brand will accompany you everywhere thanks to their innovative solution and their robustness. Created to last, the products HYDRAPAK are both economical and ecological.

Respectful of the environment and our well-being, the brand Hydrapak continues its effort to create technological products and performing in line with our body. Guaranteed BPA-free and PVC-free products Hydrapak are durable because reusable and without plastic. Easily cleaned and dries very quickly, the gourds Hydrapak are equipped with an anti-bacterial and effectively tackle the problems of taste and mold. Lightweight and resistant, they are resistant to strong temperature differences to hydrate you in any circumstance.


Gourds Hydrapak : for all your outdoor activities

Ideal for hiking, mountain BIKING, trail running, skiing or even fishing, the water bottle Hydrapak everywhere (in your bag or in your pocket) and you will help you stay hydrated whatever your activity outdoor.

The gourd SOFTFLASK is part of the new generation of water bottle that adapts to its container. Very flexible and hermetic, it will be your best ally while allowing you to remain free of your movements, without a lot of clutter.

The water pocket ELITE allows you to go on an adventure with a big tank of water in your backpack. 100% waterproof and resistant to temperature changes, it is both lightweight and practical and perfect for all your escapades in the middle of nature.

No matter what your activity, indoor or outdoor, Hydrapak is committed to provide you with gourds is both practical and aesthetic, to bring you the water necessary to your body.

Never go to water courses, especially during a sporting activity. Preventing injuries and the loss of energy, hydration is essential to your physical performance and your well-being. Regulating body temperature, the water retains the minerals necessary for our body and is evacuated with perspiration. Therefore it is important to drink small sips during physical exertion to avoid the risk of dehydration.