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Specialist in trail equipment , the brand's ULTIMATE DIRECTION is working closely with marathoners and traileurs to propose innovative solutions to accompany them on each race until the finish line. Facilitating the transportation of water, ULTIMATE DIRECTION contributes to the increase of the performance of the practitioners. Learn more


Since 1985, the brand ULTIMATE DIRECTION revolutionizes the hydration system outdoor in creating innovative solutions for the trail running and fast hiking pace). Created by Bryce Thatcher, a devotee of racing through nature, the brand was born from the desire to improve hydration during races sports. A destination to professionals and athletes of all days, ULTIMATE DIRECTION continues to develop products facilitating the hydration when it is in motion.

Today, the brand's ULTIMATE DIRECTION is to become the leader on the market of accessories trail by designing a range of products to meet the specific needs of the practitioners. Counting among its ranks of very great athletes of the discipline, the brand collaborates with them to create a special series to their name, imagined and designed by professionals of the trail : Scott Jurek, Anton Krupicka, or even Timmy Olson, all of the athletes sponsored by ULTIMATE DIRECTION have climbed the heights and won the most prestigious races in the world of trail running (UTMB, Hardrock...).



Designed by and for athletes, the products of the brand ULTIMATE DIRECTION have been designed and created to facilitate the hydration of the traileurs. Discipline is very demanding, the trail asks its participants with a very great attention to their hydration during the race. Indispensable in the practice of an endurance sport, water plays a major role in the performance of the athlete, c ' is why it is recommended to drink regularly and sufficiently in order to reduce the risk of dehydration and decrease performance. But during a race in sport, athletes want to lose the least possible time and want easy access to their hydration pack.

The vest bears-water bottles ULTIMATE DIRECTION JUREK has been created in collaboration with Scott Jurek, an ultra-marathoner american, who won many races are known to be very difficult (Hardrock 100, Spartathlon...). This vest facilitates the passage for the tube of water tank and allows you to hydrate in a single hand. Without wasting time, grab one of the water bottles and stay hydrated while remaining focused on the race. This vest follows each of your movements, without bulk. The vest AK MOUNTAIN 3.0 is ultra-lightweight, and is ideal for alpine running and trail running. It allows the transportation of all your equipment (stick, trekking, k-way...) and will accompany you up to the finish line without a lot of clutter.

If you are looking for above all the lightness, you can opt for ULTIMATE DIRECTION running belts. To carry the essentials during your races, the belts are not practical because they are breathable and cling easily to the size. They allow you to hydrate easily without having a backpack.

The water bottles ULTIMATE DIRECTION have been designed to fit in the palm of your hand or against you. Easy to use, it is flexible and will slip around with you.