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Opt for Trail running shoes SALEWA quality. The famous Italian brand SALEWA is specialized in equipment for outdoor quality and more precisely in the hiking and mountaineering. You will never be repeated often enough, the need to invest in quality equipment for your activity Outdoor. And SALEWA you are spoilt for choice ... Learn more


Installed on the sports market through the use of ski poles in the 1950s, and then, throwing in the field in mountaineering. The Italian brand SALEWA who knew how to impose itself as the reference in terms of mountain equipment of a high quality in the trekking and mountaineering. The brand will then decide (in 2005) to extend its specialization sports Outdoor in general with the arrival of new products for mountaineering or hiking as the branch footwear while offering products always more innovative and efficient. Always in a concern of quality, performance, respect, and sharing, it is providing its support and its know-how to be a mountaineer as the brand became what it is today. SALEWA continues to provide support to many athletes, mainly climbers, mountaineers and skiers in order to pass on his knowledge and to help people who share the same philosophy and the same love for the mountains.


You will never be repeated often enough : it is essential to invest in quality equipment for your practice favorite sports. The shoes must be accurate and robust, while retaining a certain lightness necessary for the practice of hiking, trekking and mountaineering, for example. This is why the shoes SALEWA are specially designed to ensure maximum protection (impermeability) as well as an optimal support throughout your physical activity. The hiking shoes Salewa and approach must also meet a certain degree of flexibility to ensure an excellent freedom of movement and does not cause discomfort or pain.

SALEWA works in collaboration with Michelin® to equip all of their mountain shoes with an outsole Michelin® Lite Train for optimal grip and grip resistant to all races.


Discover all our range of men running shoes who will perfectly meet your needs and expectations. You can also find the hiking shoes and approach SALEWA will be the perfect compromise between a hiking shoe for comfort and keeping and a bootie climbing to the grip and precision. These models will be of particular interest to the practice of via ferrata, for example. All the know-how SALEWA is implemented in these shoes, in particular at the level of disaggregation and its breathable material, which is associated with a breathable mesh lining will ensure maximum breathability. This allows an excellent evacuation of perspiration which will keep your feet dry without odours. We also offer women trail shoes which are specially adapted to the female and be able to respond to their needs.