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Founded in 1984 in Austria,  RED BULL has very rapidly achieved a reputation infallible that we can sort of "top of mind". The brand is in part known for its values, poignant in which the company is so proud of: self-transcendence, creativity, innovation... RED BULL is today much more than a beverage brand, it is also a media, a production house, a brand of textiles and equipment. Learn more


Founded in 1980 by the austrian Dietrich Mateschitz, the brand RED BULL has made himself known through the creation of an energy drink. Inspired by his travels in Thailand, the contractor has revolutionized the market by developing a drink that is totally new. Tonic and a surprising taste, RED BULL seduces widely with a drink, original, and bold.

To work its brand, RED BULL is pushing the boundaries of traditional communications, launching marketing operations great. In addition, by sponsoring and organizing events, extreme sport, RED BULL target the greatest number by not giving it no limit. Becoming a real brand experiential, and media full-fledged, the brand makes the extraordinary possible.


Created for all the activities, lifestyle, the RED BULL sunglasses follow each of your movements. Lightweight, flexible and robust, the glasses of RED BULL are pushing the limits of the impossible. By partnering with the austrian brand Spectator Eyewear, both of which develop frames to suit the most demanding.

Sunglasses RED BULL TWIST have been designed to assist you in all your sporting adventures. Staying in place, they allow you to move about freely without any discomfort. The RED BULL glasses WING will be real allies in everyday life. With a system of double branch, change the style at will and switch from one look to sportswear with a look that streetlife. Light and stable, they offer a great grip for your activities.


Has the image of the sports it sponsors and its events, ski masks, RED BULL are demanding and robust. To help you to pass you, check out the RED BULL goggles MAGNETRON. Thanks to its padding with 3 layers, it provides excellent comfort throughout the day. In addition, his visor magnetic allows you to change your screen at will to adapt to the outdoor brightness.

The ski mask RED BULL ALLEY remains in place, in order to follow each of your movements. Thanks to its anti-fog and anti-scratch, opt for optimized vision of the track and anticipate easily the obstacles. Finally, the ski mask RED BULL SHELTER will meet the expectations of demanding skiers. Its screen spherical and anti-fog treatment allows you to offer good optical performance.