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Real reference in the field of luggage storage ski technique, high performance, brand DOUCHEBAGS will fill you and make all your travel a real pleasure. Thought by professionals for demanding sportsmen, you can modulate your ski luggage technical DOUCHABGS for still more convenience and functionality ! Learn more


The baggage techniques DOUCHEBAGS are designed by professionals (skiers, snowboarders, porter airport, and members of the University) to meet the expectations of the most demanding sports traveler. The recipe of the success of the brand Norwegian and its founders JON OLSSON and TRULS BRATAAS both sports. Lies in their experience in the field of travel and their desire to offer a baggage of quality and ultra-performance to have finished with the problems of suitcases, bulky and poorly designed for travel. The entire range DOUCHEBAGS is thought for your well-being and not to have multiple luggage during your travel with your ski equipment, snowboard and cross-country skiing.


The strong point of this brand Norwegian lies in their covers for ski DOUCHEBAGS, which have the characteristic to adapt by adjusting to the size of your ski equipment in addition to be compressible. You'll be finished with covers that are too large or inappropriate to the size of your skis and having to buy multiple each to the size of your hardware. In addition to the use of quality materials, the brand works in collaboration with managers of airport to improve on the transportation systems and to make stronger protections. They do not confine themselves only to the covers of skiing and we also offer you other luggage in the range. Such as backpacks technical , and travel bags that will immediately seduce you !


With the cover to ski DOUCHEBAGS finished the galleys of travel to the other side of the world for your ski equipment. You'll be surprised at the practicality of these luggage that will save you time and money. By combining the backpack DOUCHBAGS with other luggage brand that you can attach your daypack on your cover of ski or your travel bag to avoid having to wear it on your back for your flight, transfers, for example. But this is not all, the covers for ski DOUCHEBAGS are also compressible. You just need to roll it so that it can fit in your hand. Thanks to this revolutionary technique, you can slide very easily into a travel bag or backpack to always have it with you. Large number of athletes are already moved on to the luggage storage technical DOUCHEBAGS for all their travel needs. As the alpine skier AKSEL LUND SVINDAL and the freeride world champion EVA WALKNER who are not afraid to boast the merits of this luggage that adapts to the ski equipment.