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To stay hydrated quickly and easily during a trail, discover our trail bottles and water pocket to slip into your backpack. Hydration is essential during sports effort and even more so during a race in nature and altitude. Learn more

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Easy to handle, the RAIDLIGHt trail gourd is very versatile. With its ergonomic shape and pipette, stay hydrated in the blink of an eye! Compatible with all bottle holders, it keeps your drinks cool to keep you hydrated wherever you are. The SALOMON flask bottle is ultra flexible to fit into your backpack as well as your running belt. Flexible, durable and hygienic, it will surprise you with its practicality. Eco-friendly, the NALGENE bottle is reusable and can hold boiling water for a cup of tea while hiking. In addition, it is anti-odor and very robust to take it everywhere with you. Finally, the CAMELBAK bottle and its Jet Valve prevent any risk of spillage into your backpack. Consisting of a double wall, your drinks stay fresh longer! In addition, it is manufactured without BPA and therefore respects the environment but also your health.


After an hour of intense sporting effort, it is highly recommended to hydrate. Since the body's water has evaporated in the form of sweating, it is essential to compensate for this loss and thus reduce the risk of dehydration. Water pockets are highly valued for their lightness and practicality. Easy to slip into your trail backpack, you keep your hands free and you can hydrate yourself with water from the hose hanging from your pocket. In addition, it is very versatile and can be used in various sports.

The HYDRAPAK water pocket has been designed to withstand the most extreme conditions. Indeed, ultra-resistant, it has a dust cover but also an insulating tube to keep your drink cool. The ULTIMATE DIRECTION water pocket fits in all backpacks. With a sliding closure, no drop will escape. Easy to fill, it cleans easily to go on an adventure! Finally, the CAMELBAK water pocket has anti-bacterial technology to give you the best hydration experience possible. With its Quick Link system, enjoy your favourite drink without wasting time.