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If you are in search of a pair of fastening of hiking, opt for a pair of mounting hiking DIAMIR. You can find different types of fasteners, inserts or not, which will allow you to use them with your ski boots alpine. Solid and very durable you will be able to make you happy all the winter through your bindings hiking DIAMIR , a pioneer in the field. Learn more


Based in the Swiss Alps to Reinchenbach, DIAMIR designs and manufactures all its products on-site. A Force of innovation, it quickly became the reference in terms of safety on the market for ski-touring and in particular to the setting of hiking. These bindings with the function " on " allow hikers to climb with the skis on your feet and off the slopes with the ski bindings alpine.

The main feature of the brand lies in its innovative system which allows you to combine security, ease of use and transmission of forces. In fact, the touring bindings DIAMIR allow a triggering of the safety side associated with the heel piece automatically. Equipped with the "Safety Pin System" the trigger will be the same during bending of the ski. And the trigger system safety will even in walking mode. What you will ensure safe practice. The shims positioning have also been redesigned and the mode switch descent facilitated with the aid of a stick. Real fixations stable and reliable you will be able to make you happy during all of your outings this winter. The trigger safety of fixations DIAMIR is to the side and front. This will avoid the risk of injury and sprains to the knee level.


The touring bindings DIAMIR EVO combine performance and lightness. Innovative, they will enable you to push your limits and reach the heights in all serenity. Stable and robust, they have new wedges for positioning to save time during the fitting. The knife DIAMIR TRAXION is essential for hiking on the grounds the icy. In fact, it offers a great grip on the frozen surfaces thanks to its depth and robustness. Finally, the bindings of ski touring DIAMIR VIPER 12 you will provide a maximum of security. Thanks to the technology, Safety Pin, it facilitates the side release and reduce the risk of torsion.

If you want more information and information on ski bindings for hiking, you can find our online guide to choose the right bindings that will provide you with all the information necessary for the future purchase of a pair of mounting hiking. Come and discover our range of accessories hiking DIAMIR on our website Pré specialist of the sports of mountains.