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Strong of its experience in the manufacture of climbing ropes for almost 150 years, the brand MAMMUT is today the specialist in mountain equipment . Innovative, passionate and demanding, the brand continues to provide equipment to accompany the fans and the athletes. Learn more


As a beginner in shoe making craftsmanship, the brand has, for nearly 150 years, developed a technology around the alpine tradition. Always keeping in mind the safety of practitioners of outdoor activities, MAMMOTH is specialized in the safety equipment : ropes, helmet, ABS backpack, probes... The choice of a mammoth as the logo is not trivial, it illustrates the resistance to cold, the power and the robustness of all the products in the range.


Outdoor activities being democratized, MAMMUT has been able to follow the wave of innovation and to propose today a range of products for every area outdoor : mountaineering, climbing, skiing, trail running,... Of equipment essential for any fan of nature and sports, seeking a requirement in the equipment they buy. Distributed worldwide, the brand shares his knowledge and experience through quality facilities to allow you to go still higher.


We never repeat it enough, the mountain remains a field of very dangerous game and especially unpredictable. The sense of freedom that provides the unique landscapes in the off-piste is very risky, and one can't venture into it without first having to consult the weather report as well as the newsletter avalanche, because the climatic conditions are a decisive factor for output. Then, don't forget that safety equipment is essential in order to face the natural elements. Have a backpack with a back protector, a avalanche Transceiver, a probe and a shovel is essential.

The scale of risk is 1 to 5 ; the snowpack is stable to the very strong risk of avalanche, many factors come into play and the environment is still master. It is advised never to go alone, with friends or supervised by a professional mountain.


For all levels of practice, the brand Mammut has a wide range of equipment outdoors to the mountain.

The detector of the avalanche Element Barryvox is essential for outings off-piste and the practice of freeskiing. Equipped with 3 antennas, it has a range of 60 metres and detects precisely at a lesser distance from the victims.

The shovel Alugator is the essential accessory output ski. Lightweight and easy to use, it slips into your backpack and folds up to save space.

Finally, the backpack airbag MAMMUT is compact and will allow you to carry all the security equipment on your back without a lot of clutter. Thanks to his back thermoformed, it decreases your chances of injury. Its Airbag Balloon 3.0 inflates in just 3 seconds and will withstand all the temperature differences.


For your next outing skiing, think about your safety, because the mountain, as beautiful as it is, remains very dangerous when the snowpack is unstable. Never leave home without a hardware off-track. Discover the products of the range Mammut at the best prices on Precision Ski.