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For fans of freeride, of virgin slopes and environmentally-conscious, opt for the reference in the field of snowboards. The boards JONES SNOWBOARDS will fill you with pleasure and make the mountain your playground. Built with materials of high quality, the boards, JONES will suit riders warned in a quest for thrills and who aspire to the freeride and the freedom. Learn more


Created by snowboarder american Jeremy Jones in 2009, the brand JONES SNOWBOARDS manufactures snowboards of very high-quality, high-performing and constantly innovating to find the ideal board. Passionate about quality and constantly in search of performance, Jeremy Jones has further refined these models for seven years to make real technical products. Being very sensitive to ecology, and wishing to reduce their carbon footprint, the brand is a member of the organization "1% for the planet" and reverse direct 1% of their sales. It strives to d'to be a leader in the fight against the warming climate with the creation of his own organization, "POW", which intends to mobilize and raise awareness in the community of winter sports.


JONES SNOWBOARDS is regarded as a true leader over the discipline. Having been himself a snowboarder professional Jeremy Jones is a true hard of technical innovation, to be able to offer the general public a range of snowboards very well. He tested his prototypes on his numerous expeditions throughout the world. Where are the created movies mythical as the film of 2011, "The Art of Flight". What he has earned to be selected by the National Geographic magazine as "adventurer of the year" thanks to its "remarkable achievements in exploration, conservation, humanitarianism and adventure sports". Expeditions that have inspired the famous board freeride FLAGSHIP. Snowboarding being the life of the founder of JONES SNOWBOARD, check out the men' snowboard and women snowboards ultra-versatile and designed for the freeriding.

For rider comfort, brave the cold and the winter weather was harsh, with the round neck JONES. Warm and breathable, it wicks away moisture while protecting you from the wind. And to keep in style throughout the year, opt for a cap JONES. Ideal to wear at the skatepark, it stays firmly in place while optimizing the flow of air.