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Known worldwide for his technical expertise, his passion for the slopes and know-how, the brand ARMADA is today a world reference in the ski industry. Combining design, innovation, collaboration, and accuracy, check out the collection of skis ARMADA that attract all the looks, and go towards new adventures with snow on them ! Learn more


It is at the beginning of the years 2000, when the ski industry stagnated, that of the young skiers talented passionate of freeride and freestyle decides to revive the ski market and overwhelm the middle of the slides. No matter what field of ride, the designers have understood the expectation of the practitioners and have launched a collection of skis in collaboration with great artists. Design, bold and technical, skis Armada have completely redefined the world of skiing !

ARMADAis a trademark home collections graphics original, investments in research and development collaboration with some of the greatest athletes in the middle. True reference in the world of freeskiing, the brand is fully integrated in the landscape of sports.

In ARMADA, every field has its technology. To escape into the fresh snow, to hone your tricks and push your limits, there are always the ski that you are looking for in Armada ! The full rocker to rocker, light, skis, Armada shall take into account a range of technical features to provide you with the best skiing possible, whatever your field of choice. The brand creates not only skis, but the emotion in any circumstance and you share this passion for skiing through its wide range.


The skis ARMADA are effective and of high quality. Of models for all levels, easy access, wider skis, manageable, stable, on fresh snow and turned, Armada offers today a complete range for all levels of skiing. Freeride freesyle, a beginner or an expert, the skis Armada accompany its athletes to the discovery of a playing field still unexplored. Perfect skiing while having fun, is the motto of the brand. When the snow is freshly fallen and the sun to the tip of its nose, it is difficult for each skier to resist this call of nature. So that everyone can enjoy a good session ride, Armada has created a range of skis from freeride and versatile for that every skier should write his story on the snow.

The skis ARMADA women Victa 83 skis are the graphics neat and original. All-mountain, these skis are fun, take you to play with the snow and the contours while remaining very stable and maneuverable. For all the skiers confirmed, opt for a versatile ski very powerful. For you gentlemen, Armada has created the skis Invictus 95. In latin, the word "invictus" means " undefeated ", and it fully reflects what can you bring these skis with all-terrain. Regardless of the conditions, that it is snowing, selling it, nothing will stop you in your frenzied race in search of new sensations. This ski will keep you on the surface thanks to its significant rocker, and you taillerez curves effortlessly !

The children are not left out ! There is no age to experience the pleasure of making his own track in the powder and do tricks. Armada has thus created for young skiers, the Kirti, a freestyle ski ideal for the zoner on the snowpark all day with a cushioned strong and durable. To begin in the tricks, this is the ideal ski !