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The down jackets Jott so soft and so comfortable, that you won't feel the winter pass. An incredible sensation of lightness will land on your shoulders this season ! Waterproof, breathable and stylish, love JOTT jackets! Learn more

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The trademark marseille to discover his world very colorful where every down jacket will meet your expectations : sleeveless, with a hood... To complete an outfit, to face the cold and the wind, or to simply keep his style in the winter, opt for the brand of the city is at the cutting edge of fashion ! The down jackets women comes through colours, bold : raspberry, anthracite... You always find the down jacket you need !

But gone are the days where we wore jackets thick that we boudinaient. The down jackets Jott perfectly complements our outfit with cuts curved and feminine. Windproof, they protect you from natural elements without hiding your look. Both sportswear and casual, the down jacket Jott is everywhere, all the time.

The down jacket without hood CHA, light and soft, is ultra-feminine as she puts your figure in value thanks to its narrow section. Its fresh color will illuminate your complexion at the neck on !

The jacket CLOE will protect you from all outdoor elements thanks to its hood. Elegant, it will accompany you in all your travels.

If you want to remained free to move, opt for the down jacket without sleeves SEDA. Very practical and timeless, wear it over your sweaters and preferences, and adopt a style more sportswear.


If the down jacket man is on the market for decades, JOTT was responsible for dusting off this classic of our cabinets and innovate both in design as in functionality. Ultra-light and with 90% of goose down, it appeals to everyone, big and small, both for its comfort as for its practicality thanks to its pouch transportable. A trendy fashion that everyone can adopt !

Very original and elegant, the down jacket SHANGHAI man will seduce more than one ! More of a compromise between the shirt and the jacket, since you can have both. Meticulously crafted details, a v-neck effect " sheep ", the brand JOTT proves that you can stay chic even in a down jacket.

Because modern man is active and not stop moving, opt for a jacket without sleeves, ideal for keep you warm and keep your arms free of any movement ! The down jacket without sleeves TOM is very stylish on a pair of jeans and you will keep away from the moisture of winter.

For the more traditional, adopt the style of the down jacket hoody NICO. Its vibrant colours will brighten up your cold days and wet while giving you the inimitable style !

Finally, for the more timid, Jott has created the down jacket PRESTIGE LARGE COLD. Lined with fur of raccoon, it provides you with a look very classy for the modern man and spur him than you are !

The lightness on her shoulders, the softness, the down jackets JOTT meet each of your needs and revolutionize the market of clothes of winter, with its cool colors and bold.