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For your sessions ride this winter, think to protect you from the cold and falls. SWEET PROTECTION ski helmets will accompany you on the snowpark or in the fresh snow to ski safely. Learn more


Brand Norwegian SWEET PROTECTION has designed the helmets in collaboration with neurosurgeons to ensure maximum security. Enthusiasts of kayaking, the creators have continued to innovate by making helmets lighter and more resistant for their practice. They have, therefore, decided to apply their technology to other sports, outdoor, such as skiing. Their job of carbon is recognized worldwide and the brand now offers products that you cannot find anywhere else.


Having won an ISPO Award in 2003 (international meetings of professionals of the sport), the SWEET PROTECTION brand today works in collaboration with athletes recognized in the ski world, such as Henrik Kristoffersen, two-time winner in the world cup slalom. The contribution of knowledge of the terrain allows the brand to develop the quality of its products and create helmets ski robust and extremely safe for the practice of alpine skiing, freestyle and freeride. The ski helmet TROOPER SL TEAM EDITION has all the features that are looking for riders. Designed by neurosurgeons, it distributes the pressure of the shocks and absorbs impacts, while maximising the comfort of the rider with a moisture wicking and a shell EPS shield impacts.


You are the master of ski trails, enjoy fresh snow, or for you to send tricks at the snowpark, it is essential that you protect the heads of the various impacts that may occur during a fall. Because some skiers find it binding, brands have attempted to offer helmets as original, attractive design to complement your ski outfit.

Sweet Protection has created the ski helmet TROOPER, recognized for its features in freeride and freestyle. Thanks to its flexibility and the technology Occigrip, it adapts perfectly to your head for a maintenance-to-measure for your session ride.

For all-mountain, Sweet Protection has developed the ski helmet IGNITER that has a shell that is light and airy. With a reinforced hull and a technology Impact Shields, it distributes the pressure of impact and absorbs shocks effectively.

Brand Sweet Protection has thought of the small riders, and has created a range of kid's ski helmets BLASTER. With monsters are funny, the skiing becomes more fun ! Thanks to its hull in continuous contact with the foam inside, it reinforces the critical areas and effectively protects the heads of your children. Lightweight and breathable, it will accompany your child in its development. Young skiers or adults, never neglect your safety on the slopes or off-piste.

Strong of its several collaborations, the brand scandinavian has nothing more to prove today, and can rely on his expertise and his ambassadors. Check out the men's helmets and the women's ski helmets designed for racing and all-mountain.