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For fans of quality material and technique, ELAN offers a wide range of skis very effective for all types of skiers. Skis ELAN will fill you with pleasure, and will meet the needs of the most demanding. Built with quality materials, the skis ELAN will agree to good skiers, who are looking for performance and technicality. Learn more


Created by a passionate ski jumping, the ELAN brand sees the light at the end of the Second World War. The founder Rudi Finzga puts all his energy in research and innovation. Scope by the democratization of winter sports, ELAN proposes, early on, a full range of sports equipment outdoor. His fame took off in the 80s with the athlete Ingemar Stenmark, sponsored by the brand. Record-holder for the world cup, it reflects the values strong of ELAN.

carving ski. Techniques and highly efficient, they are intended for experienced skiers who are looking for stability, manoeuvrability and power. Precision Ski offers you to discover the range of ski ELAN , which will meet all your requirements : skis track, all mountain, slalom.


The skis man ELAN RIPSTICK 96 are designed for freeride, but also for ski touring. Light and responsive, they will allow you to enjoy the smooth gliding in powder and to chain the curves thanks to their rocker outside. Go to the discovery of new snow courses and enjoy the beautiful ascents with skis stable and manageable.

The pack ski ELAN SL FUSION skis are slalom very tolerant. Thanks to the technology of Arrow, they are both accurate and dynamic, optimizing the transmission power at every turn. Offering a good grip and an excellent fluidity, they will delight lovers of carving and speed.

Designed for women skiers looking for fun on the slopes, check out the pack woman ski ELAN DELIGHT. Very lightweight, these skis allow you to ski without effort throughout the winter. Reagents, these skis ELAN provide excellent manoeuvrability and offer smooth ride. With the Early Rise Rocker, you'll be carving beautiful curves while maximizing the pleasure of gliding.