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Check out the skis STÖKLI top of the range manufactured in the heart of the Swiss Alps, and mainly distributed in Switzerland and Germany. Strong of its experience and its 80 years of know-how, the brand STÖKLI is recognized throughout the world and in particular in the circuit of the competition. The skis STÖCKLI are developed and manufactured by Josef Stöckli to offer you skis performance that bring together materials and techniques. Learn more



STÖCKLI it's 80 years of passion and shave-to Switzerland in order to offer you skis even more successful. Founded by Josef Stöckli, the brand is very popular with the competitors and connoisseurs. He has shown from the beginning of the creation of the brand of a beautiful creative mind. At the time of making his first pair of skis STÖCKLI, he had already begun to investigate how to reduce weight in the core is removed from the surface of the boards. He devoted his entire career to innovation in the field. In 1957 it will be the first to take up the idea of Head and build the first skis in metal. The founder himself skier was routine to sell only what he had tested. This is why we suggest you discover here the range of skis STÖCKLI and find out the performance and the technicality switzerland !


The choice of STÖCKLI to choose who he was going to distribute it is actually a result of pressures on the margins in the competitive domestic and foreign. It is for this reason that she decided to opt for a vertical distribution, and direct in 1967 for this not to suffer his business to the same fate as its competitors. At present, nine branches and five service centers & rental of the brand, but also more than 40 partner stores, provide, for example, in Switzerland the proximity with the customer. The philosophy of the brand remains undeniably "quality before quantity", and opted for a selective distribution to enable clients to receive the advice they are able to expect the share of the partner stores during the act of purchase. You can find on our site Pré our guide to choosing a pair of skis to guide you.


At its inception, PREVIOUSLY was predominantly present on the circuit and regional skiers who trusted the brand were all from central Switzerland. It has the force of attempts, the mark will be finally allowed to enter the circuit so closed to the Swiss Ski Pool in 1994. The first skier to wear sturdy STÖCKLI competition is Urs Kalin, who won the title of vice-champion of the olympic games. It will get several podium places in his first season with STÖCKLI feet. The mark is not in rest since it has equipped with the athletes of first rank as the double olympic champion Tina Maze to win the big crystal globe in 2013. But also Mike Schmid, Ashleigh Mclvor, Viktoria Rebensburg, Ambrosi Hoffman and Fabienne Suter had confidence in the skis of the brand and have won titles of world champions, olympic medals and numerous world Cup podiums. All of the innovations made to the models of competition are of benefit to the customer because some of the ski competitions are sold on store shelves the same. These skis STÖCKLI no longer have to make their reputation and are now playing in the big league thanks to the slovenian Ilka Stuhec that to win this year's big crystal globe in downhill and combined at the world cup of alpine skiing in 2017 in St. Moritz. What to register for STÖCKLI at the same level as its competitors on the circuit white.