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To protect you from the cold during your outdoor activities, the neckwarmer  is a must-have ! In the mountains or in the city, the balaclava for men becomes a real fashion accessory. On Precision Ski, find out what is best to cover your face from the weather. Learn more


Most often used for the practice of skiing and snowboarding, the women's neck warmer or men's neck warmer can come in several forms. You will find the tubes, which can be worn in various ways. As a nose piece, neckband or headband, you can handle it as you wish. The bandana shape is also very popular. Tied with a knot or a velcro fastener, the models with a fleece interior are particularly pleasant to wear.

Finally, if you want full protection against the cold, opt for a ski hood. Ideal for your stays in the mountains, you won't have to worry about getting sick.

Plain or patterned, we have selected for you a wide range of ski neck warmers. Also used for running or hiking, fine fabrics are all the rage in these sports. Thanks to their breathable, soft and elastic material, these accessories will provide you with optimal protection against the sun, cold and wind, whatever your activity.


The POLAR TORRENT neck warmer is ideal for your winter sports activities. Warm and breathable, it resists odours and dries quickly for increased comfort during effort. Effectively protecting against cold and wind, it is the essential accessory for winter. The DYNAFIT choker will delight cross-country ski enthusiasts. Lightweight and breathable, you can enjoy your favorite outdoor activities without worrying about the cold. The REVERLSTOKE JONES neck warmer will be a real barrier against the elements. Covering the nose effectively, it wicks away moisture and captures body heat for maximum comfort even when you move around. The BUFF neck warmer has a fleece lining that will be a real cosy nest. Resistant to the most extreme conditions, it will delight lovers of high altitude rides and demanding skiers. Ultra-soft and breathable, it has a UV index to protect you from the sun's rays as well. Finally, the PICTURE ORGANIC choker will give you protection and style on the ski slopes. Performing, warm and breathable, it will stay well in to allow you to go to the snowpark and send your best tricks!


Very practical during bad and icy weather, the hood stays well in place while ensuring good thermal comfort. The VOLCOM hood warmer hood has a fleece neckband to keep you warm even in harsh winter conditions. In addition, it has a drawstring to keep it securely in place. In addition, the 19W PICTURE ORGANIC balaclava offers fast drying thanks to the optimized air circulation. Very pleasant to wear, it follows your every movement and is very comfortable to wear under a ski helmet. Finally, the PIVOT GRANITE SPYDER balaclava protects your face and neck for maximum comfort. Thanks to its stretch fabric and welded seams, it stays in place while protecting you from the weather and humidity.