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COLMAR is an Italian brand created in 1923 by Marlo Columba at Monza in Lombardy. Has the origin of the brand is a small family business called " Manifattura Mario Colombo" specializing in headwear and gaiters for men. The brand name is appeared on the corner of a packet of cigarettes used in lieu of paper to find the new name of the company. Over the years, COLMAR has developed its activity and has managed to establish itself on the market as a brand reference for the ski jackets . Learn more


A few years after the launch of its activity, the company has unfortunately greatly empathy of the war of Ethiopia which slowed down or even prohibited export of various goods internationally. It is then that the "Manifattura Mario Colombo" took the bet to engage in the textile dedicated to the work. It is thanks to the Cotonificio Fossati Bellani, business of cotton related to the family that COLMAR was able to have materials of superior quality. This cotton has many properties including those of wash-resistant and can be shrink-free, in a few words, ideal for the manufacture of ski equipment. It is somewhat by chance that COLMAR has found itself catapulted in the market of textile of winter sports. The brand notably created the first combination of ski racing for Leo Gasperl former champion in the Mile launched in 1936. It is in 1948 that Colmar sign his first contract with the FISI: Italian Federation of Winter Sports, this collaboration is established until 1992. It was then that the first wind jacket sees the light of day: the Olimpionica, loose fitting vest with a hood designed in a poplin raincoat.


In the 70s the brand COLMAR decided to open its activity to the design of textiles for sport in conjunction with the ski equipment. The steady development of its activity helps the brand to increase its reputation on the international market. In 1972, the athletes representatives of the brand are introduced on the top steps of the podiums of the Olympic Games. To satisfy its athletes, the team in charge of the design of the textile must not allow anything of side and attention to the smallest detail. It is as well as COLMAR breaks into a high-end market. To promote its image of luxury and high-performance home Colmar has developed numerous strategies such as the organization of the Colmar Show, at the time seen as an event of promoting the most innovative of the time. After this phenomenal success the brand understands the importance of showing up on the event and to share his universe with the consumers. It is for this purpose that a variety of down jackets Colmar are created with the colors of the different ski races, for example. Little by little the brand is investing in the advertising spaces of the competitions, and then became a brand known and recognized. The trademark Colmar think of all the family members, with as keywords: innovation, technology and elegance for each product.

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