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It was in 1992 in Atlanta Johnny Schillereff has created the brand initially known as " Underworld Element ". This is after a few years of activity and some changes that appeared " ELEMENT " as we all know. True reference in the middle of the skateboard and streetwear , the brand continues to evolve. Learn more


These are many elements of communication that anchor ELEMENT at the heart of the nature. The tree for the logo, or "Wind Water Fire Earth" is the four elements, for the base-line. It was obviously in perfect resonance with the brand name.

It is in this dynamic that the streetwear ELEMENT and the skatboard ELEMENT are created. Concern for the environment, the brand aims to develop products resistant to base-environmentally friendly materials and natural that follow a charter of ethics strict. It is, as well as through t-shirts homme or handbags woman durable that the brand wants to instill a new model of more responsible consumption.

On our site you will find jackets ELEMENT, but also of the wallet ELEMENT or the caps ELEMENT for maximum style at the skatepark !


Since its creation, the brand ELEMENT is represented by numerous skaters for professionals such as Bam Margera member of the famous series Jackass, or even Chad Muska considered one of the pioneers of skateboarding. These representatives have placed the brand as a true reference of the environment on a global scale. Known and recognized for its know-how, ELEMENT ensures for each of its products to meet at best the requirements of its customers. Whether for the street or for the design of skateboard, ELEMENT developed numerous manufacturing technologies. For their boards the brand puts in place, buildings such as the technique of "Helium" which allows a board lighter for more pop, the technical "Highlight" for more camber, for example, and many others. You will have understood, each product is unique and made with passion.


The brand is inspired by nature and the things around it to create its products. It is thus quite naturally that it calls various artists to create capsule collections.

You can then find many t-shirts man ELEMENT , for example, with the signature of one of the most famous photographers of skateboarding : the Dutch Marcel Veldman. Spring 2015 is a range of streetwear man who has seen the light of day. It is designed in collaboration with the graphic Timber which wished to thanks in ELEMENT to highlight his love of cycling.

The textile woman also has the right to its capsule collections, through which we can discover many artistic environment with influences from the four corners of the globe.

The brand leaves no side and develops its products for all members of the family : man, woman, and children. It is the woman Johnny Schillereff itself that was held to create a range specially dedicated to the female universe. It was then that ELEMENT EDEN was born. With such as words "Live Learn Grow" each collection is a perfect balance between influences of street and bohemian as one can find in all the high woman for example.
ELEMENT considers the children as the generation of artists, both on a board and in various universe. For this the brand to create each collection of products of streetwear child resistant which will be able to follow in each of their adventures.

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