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After winning the skaters and surfers, the brand ETNIES has conquered a number of followers with skate shoes are robust, comfortable and stylish. This French company has collaborated with a big name in the skateboard and offer innovative products and meet the needs of all enthusiasts of outdoor activities. Learn more


Founded in 1986, ETNIES is one of the first brands specializing in shoes for skateboarding. True, the models offered by the brand are comfortable, quality and stylish. Today, Etnies has managed to broaden its range to offer products perfect for extreme sports. Snowboarders, BMX riders and surfers have adopted the brand, providing a unique style and original. The skate shoes ETNIES is also ideal to display your passion for the sports, that for a look that's more classic. High tops or low, these sneakers will perfectly meet your needs. Renowned for their durability, the ETNIES shoes provide optimal protection of the foot. The objective of the brand : to help you push your limits, offering you the shoes at the cutting edge of technology. Our selection of shoes ETNIES is waiting for you on our online store. What model are you going to crack ?


Lightweight and very comfortable to wear, the shoes ETNIES SCOUT will be ideal for summer. Breathable and very flexible, they accompany your movements while cushioning every step. Their foam sole combined with rubber inlays ensure a durability and a resistance to any test. In addition, their tongue and collar cushioned maintain effectively your feet for maximum comfort. The mens shoes ETNIES JAMESON, and their rod mid-height-effectively support your ankles. With good insulation and a fast drying time, they will be a real cozy nest for your travel. In addition, their outsole ensures a good grip on all types of terrain, on snow as on ice. With a fleece-lined, the shoes ETNIES JEFFERSON combine comfort, warmth and style streetwear. Strong, durable and padded, they will be good companions on the road, thanks to their soles and double stitching to make up for the cold winter.