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The young Italian brand NEON 's mission is to innovate radically the production of accessories for winter sports and other outdoor activities, with his sunglasses original which can be summarized in 3 words : Protection, Quality and Style ! Learn more


Founded in 2010 by the company Neotric, the trademark NEON is up to the challenge of product their products entirely in Italy, to guarantee you exceptional quality.

Created by a group of young passionate, the brand was able to quickly get a place on the market of sports accessories, with sunglasses NEON of which the technique is primarily focused on the lens. In fact, the glasses have been worked on in collaboration with different top-level athletes, to create a new technology Tronic, applied to the lenses. Even if the brand has noticed that the market was saturated by new products, she realized the gap between what we really want and what the market has to offer. This is why, NEON Optics manufactures a range of innovative products and techniques, combined with a strong style and unique. Its quality and its difference make a brand, which has already attracted a large number of athletes.


The sunglasses NEON THOR offer a sporty look great for the holidays. Remaining in place, these glasses NEON you effectively protect the eyes from the sun thanks to the wrapped frame. In addition, they are lightweight and very comfortable to move around freely and play a game of beach volleyball ! As for the sunglasses NEON VINTAGE look that never goes out of fashion 100% made in Italy will seduce you for sure. Ultra light, they provide peripheral vision, and provide you with elegance, design and protection. Finally, the goggles NEON JET will be ideal for the sport of cycling or any other sporting activity. Its wrapped frame protects 100% of the sun's rays while staying in place when you move. In addition, his glasses miroités offer you a sporty look very trendy for this summer.