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For all travellers, the small and big adventurers, discover a new way to explore the world with the brand NALGENE . Offering reusable water bottles , sturdy and unbreakable, they prevail everywhere and will stand up to all the events ! Learn more


Manufactured from recyclable material, the bottles of the brand Nalgene combine practicality, lightness, strength and respect for the environment. It is from the 70's that the defenders of the environment reject the idea and even go so far as to prohibit the use of cans, plastic bags and glass bottles that one could sometimes find discarded in the middle of nature. The bottles Nalgene find themselves on the front of the stage thanks to their ability to store liquids and solids, ideal for hikers. Little by little, and through the decades, the brand is gaining notoriety and captivated all practitioners of outdoor activities thanks to its robust product, unbreakable and reusable.



Designed BPA-free (Bisphenol A, a toxic compound for humans), the NALGENE gourds of the brand Nalgene accompany you in all of your experiences and will withstand the most extreme conditions. No smell and easy to clean, the journeys of several days in nature does not make him afraid ! Hanging on a bike or in the backpack, the water bottle Nalgene will facilitate your travels as a bulwark to the extremes of temperature. Graduated, do not waste any drop of water ! A real trail accessories, camping, mountaineering, check out a reliability to any test !



Because there is no age to discover the world that surrounds us, the brand Nalgene has created an entire line of water bottles for children to design original and funny. Hiking in the mountains are rich in moment of complicity and emotion, and to adapt to its capabilities, it is important to prioritise a small light knapsack, where he may take his flask. Easy to handle, manoeuvrable and lightweight, and BPA free, the water bottles Nalgene is resistant to the falls without let escape a single drop of water ! Lightweight and practical, it will accompany your child during his walks. As a result, children learn to manage their water consumption and discover the joys of walks and trips in nature !


We repeat it too often, but hydration is important during an effort sport. In fact, water is needed to burn the energy but also for the evacuation of the " waste "through sweat. But beware, it is not necessary to drink liters ! To avoid dehydration and prevent the acceleration of the heart rate as well as the cramps, it is recommended to drink small amounts regularly. This is why the water NALGENE bottles and their graduation will help you manage your water consumption and to continue your effort without cramping ! The choice of the beverage is not negligible ; for the efforts of short duration, opt for mineral water that will bring that little bit of sodium. For all the efforts of long duration, opt for energy drinks or sugary that will bring the sugar levels needed in the blood to reduce the risk of dehydration.