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Proud of its expertise and its know-how in switzerland, the brand SIGG continues to innovate to create products that are always more respectful of the environment. Its water bottles , reusable aluminum are true travel companion and will follow you in all your adventures. Resistant to all test, gourdes SIGG illustrate the high quality and perfectionism in switzerland for nearly 100 years. Check out all of the bottles SIGG for your next getaway in nature. Learn more


When going on excursion, it is essential to opt for the lightness in her backpack, to reduce the risk of fatigue and exhaustion. The brand SIGG has rethought the question of hydration and has created gourds. Of fame international, the bottles SIGG are designed and manufactured in Switzerland. Made of aluminum and polypropylene, it is resistant to all shocks, and confront each obstacle without difficulty. 100% waterproof, they slip easily into a bag to take with you during your activities : climbing, hiking, mountain BIKING, mountaineering... nothing will make them afraid, they will remain functional even if they are dented ! Marketed like a product of switzerland's elite, they are accurate, of high quality and completely safe. Recyclable, they are both sustainable and environmentally friendly by reducing the volume of waste and through re-use in your daily life. To be always at the height, SIGG bottles are sober and very elegant, functional, without compromising on the aesthetics. Light, stable and resistant to the acidity of the fruits, food and drinks, they are guaranteed BPA-free to bring you always the best.



Founded more than 100 years ago by two swiss, Ferdinand Sigg and Xavier Küng, the brand SIGG has strived to create products for practitioners of outdoor activities and to accompany them in their daily lives by reducing waste and decreasing its ecological footprint. Known for its know-how in the watchmaking industry, the cutlery, the Swiss continues to innovate and prove its quality and accuracy. Perfectionist, meticulous and in constant innovation, the brand SIGG is the perfect example. Aware of ecological challenges, the swiss brand today recycles 99% of its waste, and its business is supplied with 55% renewable energy.

The plastic bottles have too much impact on the environment before they are purchased (because the oil in the plastic production and transportation). The flask in aluminum is the perfect alternative ; reusable and recyclable, it reflects all the know-how of artisanal and outstanding of more than 100 years of reflection and innovation. The consecration of the mark returns to its entry into the MOMA (Museum of Modern Art) at the end of the years 1998 to pay tribute to the exceptional design of its water bottles.


For your next adventures, never underestimate the importance of hydration during outdoor activities and say goodbye to plastic bottles and made a gesture for the environment with bottles SIGG. Discover the gem of gourde SIGG on our site Precision Ski at the best price.