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For good support, comfort and effective protection, it is crucial to take the time to choose his trail socks . Comfort, ergonomics, ventilation, in order to win your next race, don't leave anything to chance and opt for a model of quality, sustainable and technical. Learn more

Choose socks trail

For a competition or training, the choice of the running socks is essential. Participant comfort, as well as the performance of the athlete, it must respond to many criteria : compression, breathability, and shock absorption.

For good support, the sock running should not slip or compress your foot. The ideal is to turn to socks with an anatomically shaped base adapted to the left foot and the right foot.

The level of comfort, your socks trail must be breathable, to protect you as well from the cold and the heat. They protect and also prevent the formation of blisters, by limiting the friction and other irritations. Don't forget to check the seams that can cause chafing unpleasant.

Socks trail : all of our models

Whether you're looking for socks trail woman or socks trail man, you always find the pair you need.

For a competition or a trail with friends, check out the X-SOCKS running socks, which allow you to both improve your blood circulation, while providing you with a pleasant feeling of freshness. Specialized in the compression equipment, the COMPRESSPORT trail socks is intended for all athletes who wish to improve their performance. Shock absorbing and stimulating circulation, they keep your feet dry and fresh and greatly reduce the risk of irritation. As for the RAIDLIGHT trail socks, they decrease the friction with the fibre soft and without stitching. Adapting perfectly to the shape of your feet, they are designed like a second skin to support you on the races of the world.

Socks trail of medium thickness are ideal for your workouts, and the socks are reinforced or with tongue are specifically designed for the trail. Find the top brands of trail equipement on our website and make the choice of a model of technical socks, comfortable and durable. And for a complete outfit, take a look at our running headbands as well as the running poles.