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Founded in 2004 by a doctor, the brand LEATT is given the mission to protect the drivers, moto and ATVS and allow them to fully enjoy their sport. Protection cervical, helmet for mountain BIKING, knee pads, LEATT protections protect you in the event of a fall and ensure strength and durability to any test. Learn more


The brand LEATT was established in 2004 in South Africa by dr. Chris LEATT, then a witness of the death of a pilot. Aware of the stakes in a sport as risky, he decided to contribute to the evolution of the sport by creating protective covers for the motorcycle and ATV. In 2006, BMW teamed up with LEATT to develop a protection cervical. During the 2000s, several international drivers are the protectors LEATT and communicate on their features. Very soon, sales skyrocket, and the mark is awarded many awards. In 2013, the protection neck LEATT contributes to the victory of several pilots participating in the Dakar Rally. Today, the protections LEATT are intended to all fans of extreme sports who want a robust equipment, of high quality and durable.


Very important to ride safely, check out the helmet BIKE LEATT DBX 3.0 ENDURO. As a true concentrate of technologies, it is addressed to all the drivers involved in the enduro, but also the freeride or downhill. Absorbing the impact energy, the hull reduces the rotation of the head and protects the driver when falling. In addition, it has 23 ventilation holes to maximize airflow and remove humidity. The neck protection LEATT DBX 5.5 is part of the protections ATV recommended during a descent. Reducing the risk of serious neck injury, it also protects the collar bone in order to strengthen the security of the driver. In addition, it features a yoke in the chest in order to obtain the optimal setting. The knee pads LEATT offer protection rigid and resistant to your knees but also your shin. In effect, the shin pads has powerful hulls combined with protective foam for flexibility and cushioning of the shocks. Thanks to its elastic straps, they remain in place to protect the driver in any circumstance. The elbow pads LEATT 3.0, will also be essential to borrow of the trails in the forest. Easy to put on, their development in 3D surround perfectly on the elbow for maximum protection. Finally, the rucksack with dorsal LEATT DBX MOUNTAIN has a back protector, so that the drivers do not clutter. Thin and lightweight, it protects your business from weather conditions while allowing you to hydrate at any time.