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Adventurer at heart, you like to roam the great outdoors and marvel at magnificent panoramas. Hiking is the perfect activity for you! But to take full advantage of it, it is essential to equip yourself well. Discover all the essential hiking equipment to go aloft for a hike in the wilderness! Learn more


The hike is perfect for getting away from the daily train, taking advantage of the great breath of fresh air and the huge playground offered by the mountain. From children to the elderly, men and women, everyone can go hiking, but with the right hiking accessories: hiking shoes, hiking poles, telescopic walking stick, snowshoes. In order to minimize the risk of injury such as friction, burns and especially sprains, we advise you to choose your hiking shoes carefully.


Find our selection of Men's Hiking Shoes and Women's Hiking Shoes to take on the steepest trails! To keep the mountain accessible to all, Precision Ski has selected many models of hiking shoes for you, in order to find the pair that will best meet your needs. From entry-level models to high-end hiking shoes, our hiking equipment fits every budget! 

For more information on hiking gear, follow Precision Ski's hiking guides to make the best choice for your outings. 

TERREX SWIFT ADIDAS hiking shoes will allow you to survey any type of terrain. MARMOLADA SCARPA hiking shoes have a high rod to effectively maintain the ankle and foot. Waterproof and breathable, reach the tops while enjoying a cushioning at every step.